Mothers’ Day

13 May 2008 – Irmo

Sun- Happy Mothers’ Day! The pastor in church was right regarding about honoring mothers and fathers not just only on mothers and fathers’ days but everyday. Watching Linn & Jeff with admiration who made me a proud grandmother to the 3 most wonderful grandchildren. Lunched at their favourite Chinese restaurant. Katy enjoyed the sesame chicken, Ellie, prawns and JohnW rice! Linn & I received pink carnations from her church, red roses from the restaurant and ice cream from Bruster, with compliments from Irmo’s hospitality. The day ended with high spirits and winds, causing the lost of power in clear evening sky with candle lights indoors.

What is happening? The almighty mother, Mother Nature is throwing her fury with the cyclone in Myanmar, earth quakes in China & Japan, storms in the USA. Is she trying to tell us something?

Mon- Katy wanted me to lunch with her at school. Was a treat to meet her in the K5 class at HE Corley Elementary School. The cafeteria food with cat fish fingers, mashed potatoes, salad and jello was not her choice  and she decided that her own packed peanut butter jelly sandwich & yogurt was more to her taste but she enjoyed the jello.

Tue- Linn must be the most active mother of 3. She runs every other mornings and the other mornings she works out at a gym, in addition to car pooling. How does she manage all that and stay sane? Am having problems just to remember what I need to take with me for the AT reunion this weekend! Thank goodness for the ice cream truck in the area on this beautiful day.

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers – Jewish Proverb

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  1. Reading about your daughter makes me feel like a slug. It’s funny, today I wanted to blog about this, but I should just post it here first:
    “The men will manage fewer and fewer things, the women will manage more and more things” by writer Wu Tan-ju on the difference between successful men and women.

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