27 May 2008 – Irmo & Greyhound

Glad that I gave birth to my children in my 20s. Do not have the energy to raise or discipline anyone but myself nowadays… even that is questionable? Offered to baby-sit on Sat while Linn & Jeff could have a night out but only after they gave the 3 kids their baths! JohnW was asleep within 5mins, Ellie fell asleep on the laptop. Read some to Katy and she was excited but apprehensive about the glow sticks I hung on the ceiling fan. Told her that they will only light for the night and will be gone the next morning. She was upset that Ellie did not get to see them, what a considerate sister. 

Sun- Katy started her day first with church, then a Bday party at McD’s and ended with her ballet recital. Now if that is not a full schedule, then what is? Had a memorable memorial day on Mon with the kids at Lake Murray, somehow sand & water never fail to entertain kids. The ride on Greyhound from SC to NY was one of the most action ride I have been. And I thought those kind of action happens in the movies only. Being the only fairer skin person around was quite a change.

We live our life forever taking leave – Rainer Maria Rike