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23 May 2008

Feel like a zombie with the allergy medications but without them, the runny eyes & nose and headaches persist. The colourful flowers and spring green leafs are too beautiful a sight; I will try not to complain about my eyes! Catch 22.  The advantages and disadvantages of life! C’est la vie.

Linn had 2 extra kids to look after and 4 more after car pooling from school on Thu. Decided to do some shopping of accessories for Katy’s outfit for the end of year ballet school performance this coming weekend. The diminished maternal instint with thoughts of 6 more kids in the house + the 3 grandchildren was enough to get me shopping even when shopping  is not my favourite past time!

All these end of the year functions are overwhelming. Ellie had a blast for her last day at the pre-school on Wed. Katy was taken out of school for an hour to participate. JohnW enjoyed his ice cream in-spite of his runny nose from allergies and completely oblivious to the fuss and functions. Way to go JohnW and grandmother still has much to learn from the grandchildren 🙂

Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts –
Sigmund Freud

3 thoughts on “Back to Irmo

  1. Haha, kids will not let any allergies or discomfort get in their way when they see fun looming ahead.

    I laugh at the part about diminished maternal instinct. When I see my young nieces crying non stop for 30 minutes, then I realise my maternal instinct has left me forever.

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