2021 CNY Visits/3

26 Feb 2021 – 11to15CNYsDays – Calvin’s SurpriseBday

Mon: This has been circulating around FB, amazing what one can buy or sell nowadays.

Chinese (Cantonese) TaamTung 痰罐 taam=phlegm and tung=a container – English Spittoon! My paternal grandmother had one of these (of course without the double Happiness Chinese character!) by her as she was a chain-smoker and often had to spit out her phlegm! Wonder what she will say to it being a Chinese Traditional Fruit Basket? For some toddlers this was and or maybe still is also used as a potty, but food does become shit at the end it – hahaha


11thCNYday visiting bro Les’s clinic staff@FarrerPkMedicalCentre&Hospital An OJ-machine, outside on the sidewalk, but no AppleJuice even with this huge one at the main entrance. This machine is still charging S$2 (S$3@many other machines), enjoyed a healthy dose of my VitC for today.

Lunching on Malay food – SotoAyam/ChickenSoup + Achar/PickledVeg&Bridal/PotatoPatty S$6+ @CitySquareMall. Shopping@Mustafa for dill to make Gravlaks ie if only I can find fresh salmon! The dill here cost S$1.55 for this large bunch which would have cost ~S$2 for a tiny bunch at other grocery stores and would have needed at least 10bunches!

Tue: grocery shopping@Giant/Tampines. Tkx for 12CNYsDay DIYpopiah lunch@Peggy’s who has a GreenThumb, a cat on the HotTinRoof! and the tallest tree in her neighbourhood. She has finally brought down the curtains for her advertising agency, H&H where I once worked, and can now concentrate on her orchids and the writing of her book.

Nice to catch up with Peggy, Pat, LenChoo & Beng – Peggy&Pat are classmates from 1962CHIJdays.

Wed: 13CNYsDay and a surprise Bday for Calvin@CC. Made Gravlaks since I was doing it for tomorrow, but only had a taste for everyone except for the BdayBoy, who got a few more bites!

Tkx to Chris for picking me up to collect the RoastSucklingPig&Pork, to Yoshie for salad and to SengHock for strawberries. Considering that Calvin+Helen&2others have just for the first time cycled 122km island round, was in good spirits enjoying the surprise for someone who does not like Bday cake, so durian ice-cream+durian waffles for dessert. Appreciations to all who helped to pull this thru’, pix credits to Helen & Yoshie.

Thu: 14CNYsDay, RossmaxSpacer+new medication Relvar (to be used only once day) for asthma was delivered today. The spacer was recommended to used with my other inhalers (max 16puffs per day). More appointments ahead@SGH to check on this consistence cough+shortness of breath.

Thank you Theresa&ChengJun for yummy home-made seafood+braised-pork dinner in company of bro Les&Ivy – my contribution, Gravlaks for starters.

Fri: 15CNYsDay TGIF and is last day to this 2021 CNYcelebrations&visits, the first night of the lunar year with full moon 元宵節 Also ChapGohMei and ChineseValentine’sDay – enjoy the full moon, ie if not cloudy! Need to fast&rest (by choice!) this worn-down body&soul today before going apprehensively! for the 1st shot of COVID-19 vaccine tomorrow!!


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