2021 CNY Visits/2

21 Feb 2021 – 6to10CNYsDays – JanJat (Cantonese)人日

Wed: Lent begins today – also known as Ash Wednesday. For those observing&practising, what are you going to give up until Thu1Apr2021 (40days)?

CNYs 6day visit at the Cairnhill area for

a delicious home-made 5course lunch by KK – thank you.

Thu: those effect by this freeze, please take care and be safe&warm. Many in TX/USA are effected with on&off electricity. Thoughts are with June Rose Theingi in Mandalay/Myanmar. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-55902070

CNYs 7day is JanJat (Cantonese)人日, literally translated=people’s day, the common man’s Bday, the day when everyone grows one year older! Happy Bday everyone!

Fri: appointment@SGH with a domino effect for more appointments until Jul when tests, scans, etc are done – the reality of aging! Amazing how SGH has developed and is still expanding, the latest construction being where the former bus interchange was. Quite a contrast from when I was first there to visit broLes where he broke his leg in the 1950s!!

A walk around the area with the old&new and this must be one of my favourite mailboxes along Neil/KampongBahruRd.

Passing by SilatRd SikhTemple/BukitMerahRd, usually on the bus when passing by here, so finally a chance to take some shots when walking by.

8thCNYday yummy dinner@DIY GoodChancePopiah 好彩薄饼, 1st time here, tkx to Clem for the introduction.

A leisure stroll along BlairRd – can never get enough of these beautifully restored old houses.

Did not even realised that ShakeShack is on NeilRd! Down lively&vibrant KeongSaikRd where it was the usual long-line@KokSen

Chinatown/MeiHeongYuen Dessert 味香园甜品 for our favourite shaved-ice dessert. Had not planned to be in Chinatown until after the CNY, there it goes again to show that life never goes according to plan – hahaha. Continuing towards BuddhaToothRelicTemple

Some of the 2021CNY lights&scenes to remember by – appreciations to Clem for being such a sport to take this slow stroll with me on a pleasant breezy evening.

Taking a detour to my bus-stop, but passing by one of my favourite bus-stops (designed to fit the surroundings here) on TanjongPagarRd, and by the scene of the fatal tragic accident a week ago. Condolences to their families and may these 5young men now RIP – tempting fate is a sad way to go!


Fate loves the fearless – JR Lowell
There is not such thing as accident, it is fate misnamed – Napoleon

Sat: Happy Bday Jay and appreciations to you, dear nephew for making time to catch up on this 9thCNYday – CheeCheongFun lunch@MarineTMarket&FoodCentre. Tkx for the yummy varieties of SoonKway.

Sun: 10thCNYday – Good Sunday morning, taking a day to rest. 2appointments have been scheduled for the COVID-19 vaccines next month in Mar. Being born in the year of the OX, I am ready with my bullish attack on COVID-19.

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