Getting Ready For The OX

4 Feb 2021 – Many Lines In Chinatown To People Watch

Mon: stayed in to wait for the delivery between1000-1400hrs from SGH, quite amazing that all prescriptions from SGH are FOC for delivery nowadays under this pandemic – they do not want ppl waiting and hanging around the hospital, and quite rightly so! CNY stuff are more or less ready&up.

Belated Bday greetings from the Fabulous5 arrived, taking 2+weeks from the US. Nice to see their hand-writing, except for #5 who somehow managed to print out his! Love the sketch from #1.

Tue: real busy running errands – first@Giant/Tampines, then to Bugis and if you are thinking of going into KwanImThongHoodChoTemple, you had better be prepared to stand in line which stretched down to BencoolenLink snaking around back to WaterlooSt.

Looks like a gazebo has replaced Caishen 財神 God/Deity of Wealth, but then with the present circumstances, the deity must be overworked!

Wed: in Chinatown for more errands today hoping that I will not have to do any next week! A cuppa@NayangOld Coffee for energy boost to start the day – nice and relaxing sitting outside under the fan with a breeze and only with 2-3ppl.

Passing by a very long line to the wet-market which stretched thru’ ChinatownComplex by this wall-mural towards SagoLane,

otherwise not too bad elsewhere except for another long line@King of FriedRice, at the newly revamped FoodSt. Will try that when there are no lines! Appreciations to my beautiful niece Daisy for catching up and for lunch@FamousEunos BakChorMee, so-so and will not be a regular at this BCM-stall. Do enjoy&like the colourful sights here at this time of the year – as long as I do not get caught in the crowds!

Could not have picked better days to run errands as the neighbour 2floors above are doing some major renovation works drilling&hacking away making a lot of racket. This must have been what it was like for the neighbours when my place was renovated in 1999 and all the floor and a few walls were hacked away. So its pay-back time now – no worries, this notice gave us warning, but I even planned to run errands most of this week before I saw the notice!

Thu: let the pre-CNY gatherings&reunions roll in. Local freshly-made CheeCheongFun from my favourite stall in the hood for lunch. Freshly-baked Irish scones from Carmel will hit the spot for today’s T, thank you thank you.

Appreciations to CK for these yummy pineapple-tarts (highly recommended) and to Leonard for the camera (the old Canon was falling apart!). Now ready to click without having to worry that the memory card might fall out! And a big thank you to Leonard for helping me out to set up with my banking, etc on the laptop&phone

2 – Happy Bdays Cathrine and Garry
4 – Happy Bdays Lawrence and Kurt
12 – Happy Bday SK Tan & KungHeiFatChoy 恭喜發財
14  ♥ ♥ ♥Happy Valentine’s Day♥ ♥ ♥
15 – Happy Bday Guri
16 – Happy Bday Mike/LOON
20 – Happy Bdays YatSoon and Henry
24 – Happy Bdays Bjørn and Calvin