2021 Welcoming the OX

12 Feb 2021 – CNY/Lunar New Year 2021

Tue: and I never thought I had that kind of energy, so was quite thrilled to be able to hand-wash one set (one pair) of black-out curtains, 2 more sets to go+3sets of ordinary curtains which will not be done until after the CNY period. The old hooks needed to be replaced and fortunately they were available in the accessory shop across the road.

Grocery shopping at neighbourhood Giant who is teasing with the Chinese word Niú牛=cow! 1st time to spot fresh chicken gizzards there – bought some+fresh chicken meat to make Fajitas, now all cooked&packed into 8packages to freeze. The freezer is again full and even if there is a lockdown, I have enough food for a couple of weeks, do need to slowly empty it!

Thank you to AudreyW for this yummy looking LoBakGoh/TurnipCake, looking forward to tasting it. Having senior moment, had to text her to return to pick up her red-package!! Could not resist buying this cheese-board online – there was a offer of free shipping for 2 and if I got 1+the shipping would cost about the same. They look like good gifts for ppl who like cheese&wine, like myself! Am exhausted after such an active day, hope for a good night 8hrs sleep. 

Wed: another set of black-out curtains washed and then to pick up a PandanCake for bro Steven in the UnitedMediCareCentre. He was in good spirit and enjoyed his cake, but unlike in Sep2020 when he could still remember my name, am not so sure if he remember my name this time round.

IKEA had the Mustard&Dill sauce, picked up 6bottles to make sure I have enough to last to the end of the year! Have been waiting for a long time for this so that I can make Gravlaks. Tkx to Daisy to arranging the appointment at the home and for her company at IKEA.

Just as I thought that today was over, Gel drops by with her annual home-made Kimchi, thank you thank you. Looking forward to tasting it, cheers to that and what a feast it will be ahead. 

Thu: the 3rd&last set of black-out curtains washed and got some sewing done on this last day for the year of the RAT and what a year it has been.

Fri: TGIF – to all celebrating the CNY/Lunar New Year starting today Fri12Feb2021 lasting for 15days. Thank you for all the greetings – my favourite so far was sent by Reis&Henri from ‘Temenggong Artists-In-Residence’. The Chinese character Niú牛=cow, thus, Happy Niú Year 

Tkx for yummy lunch@Les&Ivy and appreciations to Pat&David for the ride there&back. Not quite the same with such a small group, but good to catch up with Pat&David+Lucas&Beth and Patricia&Albert+Kiera. After today, there is still 2nd sis-in-law, Josephine/sis and 11&13auntie to visit and to pay respects to my parents.

CNY is now Celebrate New Year! Whether you call it Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year or Korean New Year, as long as everyone is welcome to celebrate, does it really matter what we call it? As long as it’s about family and friends, and food and gift-giving