2021 CNY Visits/1

16 Feb 2021 – 2&3CNYsDays in A Colourful-Coded Family

Sat: 2ndCNY day’s visit – tkx to a lovely cousin Karen&Peter (paternal grandmother side/Chan), for her yummy KCH-Laksa lunch. She is originally from Sarikei/Sarawak, but left to study in Perth/Australia when she was 16 and never returned. When I was visiting Sarikei 10yrs ago, the ppl there remember her as the skinny girl who threw things out of the window where she lived!


Payang puri was built After KL bank and it was a vacant block when we moved into the 4th and 5th floor ( first penthouse of Sarikei) I watched the construction of the building while throwing things out of the window – Karen Lim

At sis Jo (83) for yummy home-made duck porridge dinner and take-away MeeSiam. Sue fell yesterday, fractured or even broke her wrist and is in a cast&sling.

Sun: enjoy your day with your Valentine. My most favourite version of Unchained Melody (1965) sung with such emotions&talent by Bobby Hatfield, may he RIP. This version was made popular again after it was used in the movie Ghost. Giving away some of my things and made this for a beautiful couple, Karen&Peter.

The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing – Blaise Pascal.


Edited: Fastelavn and it is meant to celebrate the promise of Spring’s return, celebrated in most Scandinavian countries. Fastelavnsboller (pix downloaded) and FortuneCookies (pix credits to May) home-made by May this year, she even managed to insert the fortunes inside the cookies – impressive.


3rdCNY day’s visit to 11auntieDiana (93) who is in good health&spirit – she is the now the eldest of the BG. Amazingly she still manages to eat her own lunch with chopsticks! Good to catch up with cousin Ken&Cynthia. Managed to capture this wedding pix of auntieDiana&uncle PingNam (1959). Tkx to Les&Ivy for the use of their car&driver/Rahman, making it easier&possible for this visit. Believe it or not, fell asleep for 4+hrs this afternoon!!

Mon: 4thCNY day’s visit with 6sis-in-law, Ivy (78) to 2sis-in-law, GeokSiew (81) at niece Leng&ChinSheng – their 2children have left the nest. Appreciations for lunch.

With the 8ppl regulations, it is difficult to see everyone in my 2bro’s branch.

Leng is blessed living in these surroundings where she can plant her own papaya trees and

there is even a durian tree in the neighbourhood – such a treat to see this kind of greenery in a residential area@Jalan Rasok

To nephew Mun&SK+SuiChang (eldest of the OG&PG) who also has left his nest but was back to meet with us. Appreciations to him for taking time with his grandaunties! Tkx for yummy durians. Tkx to all for having us, good to catch up with part of 2bro’s family. Missing JenWee&Steve+families. Took me 30mins on the bus+1hr on the MRT to get to this Kranji&BukitBartok area – less than 30mins to get back when driven by Rahman.

Tue: need to rest today before visiting with friends and more appointments@SGH.

Tkx to FB for this memory. Wondering when we can have another lovely CNY gathering like this one 3yrs ago??? This year, will be missing saying personally 恭喜发财, 新年快乐, 身體健康 Wishing You Prosperity and Good Fortune, Happy New Year, Good Health to those I am unable to visit.

Edited: forgetting all these days in the middle of this busy CNYvisits. Forgot all about Pancake Tuesday&Mardi Gras Tue16Feb2021 and did not have any pancakes!