A Simple ‘Lo-Hei’捞起

8 Feb 2021 – And A Simple Life

Fri: starters – first Lo-Hei (Cantonese for tossing up)&reunion in my own 4-walls! A simple ready-packed with the basic dried&pickled ingredients: crackers, red&white ginger, leek, yam. wintermelon, sesame seeds, grinded groundnut, pepper&herbs, apricot sauce costing ~S$10. Adding some fresh produce (carrots, cilantro, cucumber, pomelo, spring-onions, white-reddish, fresh-squeezed calamansi-juice+raw salmon~S$25 is not anything like Jessie&Frank’s 28ingredients with wolf-herring, but 18ingredients with salmon tasted OK and was better than no Lo-Hei.

https://www.roots.gov.sg/ich-landing/ich/yusheng-and-lo-hei  https://amylamsg.com/2013/03/03/28-ingredients/

Mains: TruffleWagyu Rice-Beef-Bowls+Pork ribs&cheek, delivered by BurningOak.

Desserts: tkx for the yummy chocolates&durians, now I have desserts in the freezer to last at least a month!

Sat: reunion with Judy, Daisy, Clement, Stanley&Darryl. Having fond memories of their mother&grandmother who would usually make her AlmondPaste at this time of the year, and believe me it is the best I have ever tasted. Dinner@ChuanKeeSeafood泉记海鲜煮炒on LowerDelta/BkMerahRd and with a nice breeze making it pleasant to be dining alfresco.

Decent food – Sauté Asparagus with Mushrooms & Scallops, Cereal Chicken Coffee Ribs, Satay (chicken&pork Chinese style), Sweet & SourPork, Tofu, with the Fried Rice being my favourite dish for tonight.

Hazel, my Irish-Norwegian FB friend asked-

How do you keep your figure?
My reply – What figure???? hahaha
To be honest, I can feel that the body, especially the heart is protesting and it is time to cut down on all these rich foods or the body will not make it till the end of the year!

Sun: have been trying to get this shot from the kitchen window since a year ago, but somehow it always turned out blurred with the old camera. Now with the new camera, finally managed – still waiting for the yellow bird before the yellow blooms disappear! Tkx to cousin Calvin for the name of this – Xanthostemon chrysanthus (F.Muell.) Golden Penda 金蒲The parking garage roof-top garden (2004-5) has flourished and it is a pleasant view from the kitchen window whenever I am by the kitchen sink.

Mon: the adjustment of the new electrical bill nearly gave me a heart attach. Looks like the freezer will have to go now that the heat is returning with a vengeance and the AC is already on in the daytime (between 12n-1800hrs) since a few days ago! Chris warned me about the freezer consuming quite a bit of electricity, but did not gave it much thoughts until the bill was adjusted!!

We believe that electricity exists, because the electric company keeps sending us bills for it, but we cannot figure out how it travels inside wires – Dave Barry