Day 5 UKc2c

1 Aug 2013 – Cumbria Lake District/3

Wednesday 31Jul 2013 – Day 5 Patterdale – Shap 15.5m/25km 0630-1730hrs



The day start beautifully crossing the bridge looking back into Patterdale, passing by lovely cottages and up up up for nearly 2hrs


to Angle Tarn where breakfast was served from the day-pack in the company of flock of ducks and a few campers.


Still continuing upwards not realising that it was NOT the correct path, met just one lone hiker going the opposite direction but did not think to ask him being too stupid…


Was instead admiring the views which are not on the correct path!


Thank goodness for Peter and his group, took a different path but at least headed to the correct direction. Appreciations to Norman Crump of Lancaster U and son for getting me into Shap which has an interesting history. Just too tired and frustrated to write but will edit and update another day.

Night: Wed 31Jul at New Ing Lodge, Shap GBP22 for bed (dom-style room with 5 others) and full breakfast) S$43

4 thoughts on “Day 5 UKc2c

    • It is indeed beautiful and the uphills are mainly in the Lake District. Will be out of it today and in the Yorkshire Dales…

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