Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

7 Oct 2011 – Happy Bday to my brother Dato Dr Leslie LAM

‎Jasmine House, across the road from the Lake Murray Museum and Visitor Center is a lovely house all decorated in the Southern style and can be rented for events. Mirrors seem to dominate these Southern houses, probably more for decoration and to make areas look more spacious. But superstition and feng-shui might also play a role!

The earliest mirrors were hand mirrors; those large enough to reflect the whole body did not appear until the 1st century AD. Hand mirrors were adopted by the Celts from the Romans and by the end of the Middle Ages had become quite common throughout Europe, usually being made of silver, though sometimes of polished bronze.

There are many superstitions and belief in terms that mirror the role played in human destiny. It reflects the truth, sincerity, heart and content of consciousness and carries the sign of harmony intact. A mirror superstition refers to the fact that elderly covering all the mirrors in the house when a death occurs. They claim that the deceased soul, looking into the mirror, and not remain trapped leaving the house, using mirrors as a gateway for travel between two worlds!

RIP to Steve Jobs, the Apple visionary who led a mobile computer revolution with the creation of wildly popular devices such as the iPhone. Thu: he lost his fight to cancer and was mourned by admirers, fans and competitors as much of the world awoke to news of his death. Prayer and thoughts to him and his family.

‎Three apples that changed the world: Eve’s, Newton’s and Jobs – 

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