Lake Murray Country

6 Oct 2011 – Saluda Dam

The family pix was taken in 2009, when I last swam in Lake Murray before Sophie & James were born!

10mins drive from L&J is Lake Murray, named in honor of chief engineer William S. Murray, was completed in 1930. Covers an area of 78 square miles with 649 miles of shoreline and provides electricity for South Carolina’s entire Midlands region. The museum and visitor center is dated back from 1840, the formal Lorick Plantation Home

Originally inhabited by the Catawba and Cherokee Indians, the area that is now Lake Murray was ultimately settled by European immigrants, primarily of Dutch and German origin. In order to build Lake Murray, the Lexington Water Power Company relocated 5,000 citizens and removed three churches, six schools, and 2,000 graves. The Saluda Dam, which was once the largest earthen dam in the world, is 1.5 miles wide and 208 feet high.

Wed: after an hour at the museum, quiet moments@Blue Flour**** before picking up the three youngest from pre-school and nursery to have a picnic in the back-yard@home 🙂

Finding some quiet time in your life, I think, is hugely important –
Mariel Hemingway