Columbia/CAE, SC

4 Oct 2011 – A tourist for an hour…

1805, CAE received its first charter as a town. Rail lines that reached the city in the 1840s primarily transported cotton bales which was the lifeblood of the community and the pop of the slaves was 3,300 in 1860. CAE was destroyed by fire while being occupied by Union troops in 1865.

Check out the flag at the State House! with CAE being the state capital, a pop of app 130,000 in an area of 133.8 sq mi/346.5 sq km., US News & World Report named CAE as one of America’s best affordable place to retire! L&J live in Irmo (since 2004), a  CAE suburb, app 30mins drive.

A beautiful sign by a gate, Chamber of Commerce, US District Court, Statue of Matthew Perry jr.

This time round is mainly for James’ baptism and to help out with Linn as Jeff will be away for work. Staying until beginning of Nov. If time and energy permit, will try to visit some places of interest.

SC ex-governor Mark Sandford came to mind while taking pix of the Governor’s Mansion@Arsenal Hill. He gave the AT a bad rep by telling the media that he was hiking the AT when he was actually visiting his mistress in Argentina!

Sun: thanks to Linn for the walk@Finlay Park on a clear blue sky day. It is a big challenge to be a mother of 5, especially with a sick 2yrs old and a 2 months baby to nurse. Hats off to her for being such a wonderful daughter and a good mother. Appreciations to Rick Woodley@Woodley Garden Center for the plant names: Trumpet Vine, Red Fountain Grass and Southern Magnolia.

While I breath I hope – Matthew J Perry