Oconee State Park

31 Oct 2011 – Happy Halloween/laptop on SIN time!

Fri: Cindy (Jeff‘s mom) arrived Thu. We drove Gator to the kennel, Westcott Acres/Luxury Pet Resort before heading to Oconee State Park. This drive would usually take 3hrs but took us 4. Ellie was car-sick and we had to drive in the dark and rain the last hour to find the park.

The historic park rests deep in the Blue Ridge foothills with several picturesque but non-demanding hiking trails and well-kept cabins and campgrounds that have welcomed families for annual trips since the days the park was first built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression. The ‘Barrack’ booked in the park accommodates 16. The Reeds with their 3 children (friends of L&J) joined us.

Sat: woke up to a beautiful clear blue sky with spectacular fall colours. Took a solo-hike for app 8miles and took even more time to take pix! This is the first hike in fall colours and walking on the autumn falls and pine needles was like walking on a red carpet. Felt that I could have hiked on and on in this perfect weather and serenity!

Bought a travel hammock and it was fun to see the static on the kids’ hair 🙂 John Reed made a delicious dinner and what is a camping trip without campfire and marshmallows roasting!

Thank you to L&J for including me, to the Reeds for cooking delicious food and to Cindy for the driving.

How is it that one match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box of matches to start a campfire – Christy Whitehead