Lizard’s Thicket & Cars2

12 Oct 2011 – Long Weekend over…

Mon: John, the 5yr old is really quite a thinker. We had a Southern breakfast@Lizard’s Thicket***While waiting for his egg, beacon, sausage and French toast, he was observing the decor pointing out to the porcelain roosters and asked where the lizards were! On behalf of John, I post the question to our cashier. He then pointed to a tiny porcelain green looking reptile in an enclosed glass case and said that it was the only lizard in the whole restaurant!

We headed to have a closer look and John exclaimed! That is NOT a lizard, it is an iguana! And he was right! The people who were behind us had a good laugh and I overheard them saying to the cashier... corrected by a 5yr old! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Afternoon at the US$2 movies with the Katy, Ellie and John. Have not been to the movies since SIN. Cars 2*** is a 2011 American computer-animated film produced by Pixar and it is the sequel to the 2006 film, Cars. In the film, race car Lightning McQueen and tow truck Mater head to Japan and Europe to compete in the World Grand Prix, but Mater becomes sidetracked with international espionage.

The kids enjoyed the movie, especially the part where Mater ate the wasabi as they could relate to Gator their pet dog for doing something similar!  Ellie and John kept their eyes opened and were really with it! Katy like me, covers her eyes when situations get too intense. LOL

Mama Topolino: Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoro.
Uncle Topolino
: It means, He who finds a friend finds a treasure.