Pearl River

28 Feb 2011 – Weekend in Jiangmen

Jiangmen 江門 located in Gungdong province, SE China with a population of app 3.8 mil today. This is where grandfather LAM SongKwee came from. His older brother, grand-uncle LAM JeeChiew and he sailed down the PearlRiver to seek their fortune. Am not sure of the exact year but gathering from the info that the two brothers built KwongLeeMortgage&Remittance in 1905, Kuching, Sarawak/E Malaysia, it would be app 100yrs ago. From there and then, the family business KwongLeeBank was thus established. Branches were built along the N Borneo coast and the SIN branch opened in 1926. With the fortune acquired, they built the ancestral house, pond-house and hall in Jiangmen – positing 10 May 2009 for pix.

Sat: took the early boat from ChinaFerryTerminal/TsimShaTsui heading up the PearlRiverDelta passing by Macau and picking up more passenger at Doumen before Jiangmen (HK$500 RT for a VIP room is recommended!). Did this trip 2yrs ago but was not fully aware and focus then. Thoughts of how brave or how desperate for grandfather to venture out from his familiar surroundings. Today it takes less than 3hrs by boat from HKG, how many hours did it take them then? Not forgetting that all these built-ups areas did not exist. Met at the port by cousin LAM KwowkWei whose grandfather was my grandfather’s half-brother??

Thanks to the LAM family for a lovely lunch before checking into the hotel, CountryGardenPhoenix Hotel near the ancestral village. An hour of photography at family village pond-house, the main house and the hall was enough. After 2yrs everything have so quickly fallen even more apart and it is very disheartening. Will try my best to convince the uncles who still have the authority to these buildings to do something constructive and positive.

Delicious dinner of LonganLeafRoastGoose, wild grass flavoured-soup (the best soup ever), yam and many more fresh organic veggie@Eight Views Villa****

Sun: late morning walk@ChaAhPark. It is said that astronomers Tang, a monk and his entourage came here to observe and draw maps.

Another yummy lunch at the foothills of the park. The fresh water clam, free-range chicken and salt roast pigeons are just to die for! Appreciations to the cousins and their families for all their time and their kind generous hospitality.

Sun: Back to HKG in time for dinner@TrustyKingCongee***tasty chicken congee and the first time to taste cooked fish skin, crunchy and quite nice. The century year old egg, veggie are alright and good soya bean milk. Thank you Henry for being my translator and for keeping me safe in China 🙂

Mon: walked in this glorious weather. Pix have been taken the last couple of years from this area, so no need for any today!

None of us can boast about the morality of our ancestors. The record does not show that Adam and Eve were ever married – Edgar W Howe

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  1. Hi Lucy… this is cooked fish skin, not fried! Have tasted a fried ones but now have also tasted the cooked ones

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