13 Feb 2011 – A Musical Afternoon

Sat: thank you Lucy for inviting me to this musical gathering. And again how coincident that the host, Andrew is someone who crossed paths with me a couple of years ago. Was trying to contact him last year to send my condolences for the passing of his wife. Yesterday a personal message of condolences was delivered. Appreciations to Andrew for his hospitality and his lovely voice. Would have loved to stay on listening to him but had to rush off for the next event. Thanks Juliana for getting the group together and for giving me a ride to my next function.  Andrew, please keep the music going 🙂

The OperaViva Club is made up of a family of individuals, from young students to mature adults, who already enjoy or wish to know more about opera. It promotes a friendly link through opera, both baroque and contemporary, contemporary musicals and music.

So what is opera? Opera is a drama in which all or part of the dialogue is sung rather than ; simply put, drama appeals to our intellect through words and music appeals to our feelings – a unique and powerful combination within all of us, young and old, student, worker or a professional.

In 2004 an impresario-vocalist LEOW Siak Fah (founder and now ex-chairman of SIN Lyric Opera), composer-pianist John SHARPLEY (composer & pianist) and poet-playwright Robert YEO (librettist & producer) established Opera Viva.


It is so important for people at a young age to be invited to embrace classical music and opera – Luciano Pavarotti