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20 Feb 2011 – Linn & May’s Birth Countries!

Is it imagination or was there really a Tiger at the bus-stop? Have not even started the wine yet! And hey this is SIN where no littering is permitted! Thanks to Les & Ivy for a gathering with Bern & KweeKait (student days from Ireland) visiting from Melbourne. All of us now have grandchildren to remind us of our age, or are they more illusions 🙂

Ireland, where Linn is born and where I lived from 1965-1974 were impressionable years. Imagine the scenario, a young teenager from the tropics in a Lion City who has just lost her mother arrives in this strange cold foreign land to be placed in a boarding school. Lovely country with friendly people to smooth the paths which led to more paths towards a life’s journey…

Norway, where May is born and where I lived from 1975-1985. Adjusting life with the Trolls after over a decade in the Lion City and another decade with the Leprechauns was quite a maelstrom! A new language, culture, cuisine etc added to new paths. A country with one of the most beautiful and spectacular views, truly warm-hearted people (when you take the effort to get to know them!) helped to pave the most difficult path in life’s journey! And so life goes on to the paths of the Brave New World…

Today, searching for pix from those two countries brought back much memories. The ones in the albums are mainly pix of the children which will be here for them to scan or do whatever they wish. Instead have surfed the net to find these breath-taking pix which reflect the emotional highs felt in the two countries where my children are born. And yes, Lucy, have been to all those places but do not have some of the pix and the colour slides in the boxes are not up to the standard to these I found online. Enjoy the views!

1. Cliffs of Moher, County Clare/Ireland
2. Trolltunge=Troll’s Tongue, Skjeggedal, Odda/Norway
3-5. Lysefjord/Norway
6. Preikestolen=The Pulpit, Lysefjord/Norway
7. Svolværgeita=Svolvær Goat, Lofoten/Norway

Appreciations to Ellen BROX and FB+Blog friend Denise SCHADE who inspired this posting 🙂 🙂 🙂

Music is a safe kind of high – Jimi Hendrix