A Great Great World

7 Feb 2011 – Lion Dance

May & Bjørn were hoping to see the Lion Dance the past few days but alas it was not meant to be. Last night Senior Minister/SM GOH Chok Tong was in the common area for his yearly neighbourhood CNY dinner and there was Lion Dance, thoughts of the young people surfaced the mind. Was catching a cat-nap after the most delicious popiah lunch when the drums caught my attention for me to rush down to take the pix! Pity the Bear did not see the Lion dance!! These pix postings are especially for the Bear 🙂

A Great Great World/大世界****set during the heyday of Great World Amusement at Kim Seng Rd, SIN’s legendary amusement park. Spanning from the 1940s to the present day, the film signifies the stories of a multitude of characters that lived, worked, played, sang danced and even fell in love in Great World. A local touching movie full of humour and jokes for the whole family. A rare chance to hear Medicorp actors and actresses speaking dialects, feel-good movie down memory lane! Highly recommended for people who grew up in that era here in SIN.

Rode the ferris wheel, carousel and ghost train there in the 1950s, but more memorable was when the three paternal grandmothers went for the Chinese Opera Troupe which was performed in a temporary bamboo theatre pitched near the gates of the park. The costumes, make-ups and the expressions of the performers were and still are fascinating up to today but as for the music (then and now), could not understand or appreciate much of it. Perhaps it is due to the training of Western classical music since birth!

Let the great world spin for ever down the ringing grooves – Alfred Lord Tennyson