No Major Changes

25 Feb 2011 – Refer to Posting 15 April 2010

For those who are interested and have not read or seen the pix, go to the posting below as if any posting for today will apply to that posting!

Fragrant Habour

Arrived to HKG last night and had dinner with Henry & John. Today, a lovely cool day, still smoggy but at least not hot and muggy. Staying@Henry’s and the view is the same. Walked around the Tung Lo Wan Rd area and to the Chinese Recreation Club to meet Harry for tea. Thanks for tea Harry and glad that Richard managed to join for a few minutes. Looking forward to catching up with both of them and a couple of Richard’s FB friends next week.

Do not know what is happening but unable to find the few pix taken today (found them after the China trip and learnt to upload into Henry’s laptop, just needed time to figure out new toys!), instead the pix taken when May & Bjørn were in SIN turned up!

Unfortunately unable to download those pix to the correct posting as this is Henry’s laptop and have no clue as to what is happening with the camera! Heading to Jiangmen, the ancestral village to take pictures early tomorrow morning. Please please do not let this happen. Will try and get a new memory card if possible.

28 Feb 2011 – problem solved and pix uploaded today, thanks to Viv in OR/USA.


At any one time, 15 % of the buildings of Hong Kong are being either demolished or rebuilt, renovated or restructured – Martin Booth