How OK Took Over the World!

21 Feb 2011 – OK

OK is everywhere, used every day: It crops up in our speech dozens of times every day, although it apparently means little. So how did the word “OK” conquer the world, asks Allan Metcalf…

… You won’t find OK in prepared speeches. Indeed, most formal speeches and reports are free of OK. Modern English translations of the Bible remain almost entirely OK-free. Many a published book has not a single instance of OK. But OK still rules over the vast domain of our conversation.

On the lavish buffet dinner spread@Marine Bay Sand’s RISE***,would it be OK to use the word OK here for the food? As impressive as this whole MBS Resort looks, and many wows it receives somehow does seem to have much effects on an aging grandmother! But the real impressive, wow and more than OK is the fact that nephew Clement invited the company of his havoc auntie for Sunday dinner! Thanks for the dinner and appreciations to his thoughtfulness.

It is time to take another hike 🙂

I’m OK – You’re OK by Thomas Harris