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21 Oct 2014 – Welcome to SIN 15th Uncle

Sat: trying to clean and to do laundry but that takes time with a small washing machine and lack of space for hanging.



Welcome to SIN,15th uncle LAM TinCheong/Jimmy – father’s youngest full bro from Vancouver/Canada. Appreciations to Les&Ivy for seafood dinner. Yummy Black-Pepper Crabs, Bamboo Clams, Durian Pudding at Long Beach Seafood Dempsey Hill****


Sun: LAM family Heritage from Jiangmen 江門 in Guangdong province in southern China for15th uncle and his friend Carmen to view.  My personal family chart is way out of date and has to be updated but will take time. Any members of the family are welcome to take pix of all these items…



Discovered over the years since my first visit to the ancestral village, May 2009 and second visit in Feb 2011 that chasing this illusion would have emptied what I have saved to live until 70yrs. Also that it will be a thankless job. Tkx to 15 uncle for lunch at Glory***


Got back to stumble upon Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong/吴作栋 at ‘Marine Crescent Gardens Residents’ Chit Chat Session. Mr Goh was SIN PM from 1990-2004, and also MP to Marine Parade GRC since 1988. Living here in this MarineP GRC, we are lucky to have Mr Goh who does his job well and keeps me wanting to live in this area. Now that says a lot coming from me 🙂

Mon: someone must be renovating, a lot of drilling going on and now I know what it like for the neighbours when my renovation was going on in 1999! Decided to do some shopping at Plaza SIN to get ideas for an outfit for the upcoming charity ball with The Enchanted forest theme – maybe I should go as a troll 🙂 🙂

4a05ae3598_500x670_ce36cf9372[1]Watch The Judge***Hank Palmer is a successful lawyer who returns to his hometown to attend his mother’s funeral, but shocked when he finds out that his estranged father, Joseph, who is the town’s judge is suspected of murder. He sets out to investigate the truth and along the way, he reconnects with family he left behind years before.

Have always enjoyed the two Roberts’ acting.

I prefer rain -sometimes I feel sunlight will turn me to stone – perhaps I’m a Troll – John Geddes

Edited 22 Oct – appreciations to Lucy Tan for sharing the pix of Mr Goh & I where according to Cheng Chee Hoew – Should’ve asked for a box‘. If a box was within reach, would have probably stood on it so that Mr Goh can hear me better… hahaha

Thank you also to Chee HongTat (Chief Executive to Energy Market Authority), a fine young gentleman to 4 children (SIN needs more people like him!) for listening to my babble and taking time to even visit my place. Too busy talking that forgot to take pix of HongTat (another time round HongTat 🙂 ). When Mr Goh retires, I will vote GongTat for Marine P next MP ie if HongTat goes into politics… LOL


Lucy Tan shared your photo.

  • Lucy: r you going to be his campaign manager? N end every house visit with, “the long and the short of it, vote for PAP”. Haha, just pulling your leg!

Me: I like Mr Goh in a public social situation. As far as politics are concerned, having to live in EU (20yrs), USA (20yrs) and SIN (on and off) does not give me a full pix to any of these countries. Being short of knowledge for the culture, language, social and political situations, I feel that it will not be ethical for me to vote for anyone or any party…

  • Lucy: “Being short of knowledge for the culture, language, social and political situations, I feel that it will not be ethical for me to vote for anyone or any party.”Haha Amy, if every eligible voter thinks along the same lines, then there would be no G! Anyway, jokes aside, I really think you are the ideal poster girl for successive active ageing. Also u were already a globalised citizen even before such a term came into existence! G should grab you to show how Singaporeans could be global yet stay so local. And an ageing population could be a plus if the majority could use you as their role model.! Jia you!

Me: Thank you Lucy Tan for your kind words. Will vote for you if you ever go into politics but am seldom long enough in one place, especially during voting times… hahaha 🙂 🙂 🙂

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