More Awards & Banquet/2023

29 May 2023 – A Rainy Memorial Day Weekend

Thu: another lovely swim&lunch by the pool. Take-out ChineseDinner(AmericanChinese!)for the family from ChinaKing@MurrayLanding. The owner still remembers me from since they opened~10+yrs ago when their little boy was running around – now he is 15, no longer the little boy but a young man helping with his parents’ business.

#2 SeniorAwards’Night where she received the EducationFoundationScholarship(presented by Linn), CongressmanJoeWilsonAward, YellowJacketClubScholarship, IB-SeniorDipoma – nice to see her receiving one of her awards from her mother, so very proud of her. The evening ended with dessert@Sonic. Disappointed with the pix from the camera, must be doing something wrong to get blurry pix! Will keep to taking pix with the phone, especially for the indoors evening lights!

Fri: fried rice with left over foods for some of the flock who came for dinner. Nice evening walk with Linn in the neighbourhood. Borrowed 2books for this quiet MemorialDayWeekend. Linn will be working@FollyBeach and the rest of the family with their dad,grandmother+aunt&family at some cabin in Saluda,NC. Hopefully will get to organize&store some of the stuff under the staircase now that there are some boxes to pack them in.

Sat: has been raining relentlessly since I woke up, and looks like a wet weekend here. No worries when #4, the 8thGrader received her Varsity-Pin at today’s Track-Banquet and she already made Varsity-Cross-Country last season.

Standing tall in her heels(nearly 6′ and she has no issues wearing those 4″heels!), she is making this grandmother beam with pride&joy who still remembers vividly caring for this adorable sweet baby the first 2weeks of her life.

The easiest new-born(2009) baby I have cared for – up to today, she still likes her food&sleep, and not a fussy eater.

Sun: taking these quiet wet days to reflect, arrange some flowers, compose a graduation note&wrap her gift for #2. Too emotional and lost for words about all my amazing grand children – going to be a busy week ahead with HighSchoolGraduation. Made a box for #5 as he is good at folding these complicated paper cranes with his nimble fingers. Hopefully will be able to string them from the ceiling to floor when this sedge of cranes are ready to take flight!

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart ― Helen Keller

Mon: looks like a lovely day to dry out the the wet grounds from the weekend rains. Those marking the MemorialDay today, take time to reflect on what this day is about. Condolences to cousins Klaus,Susannah,Shawn,Edith,Brenna(Canada) for the passing of their father,father-in-law,grandfather, LAM TinCheong/Danny(1931-2023) – may he now RIP. Last pix from Klaus of him was on his 92ndBday(Jan2023). Fond memories of 15th uncle when I visited him&the family on Vancouver-Island in 2008. Then his visit with some of the LAM TinYue’s branch in 2014 and a few more visits in SIN with Susannah.

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