#2’s High School Graduation

2 Jun 2023 – #4’s Awards Presentation

Tue: got oil-change for the Jeep and Linn has been using ImportPlusLLC for as long as I can remember. Interesting interior now that it has been taken over by new owners who tells us that they will have to move soon as the road is due for widening. We got a loan of another car to run errands while they were changing the oil, this is SouthernHospitality for you – https://importsplus.net/

Got a bunch of errands done, including getting accessories for Fri. Linn&I managed to make 50+packages of party-favours.

Wed: its going to be a long day today, starting with #4AwardsPresentation for straight As and Math in her last year in MiddleSchool. HighSchool will be next for her.

Heading early into town to avoid the traffic and to find a good parking space.

Lunched@HickoryTavern, wanted to sit outdoors on the upper level, but it was not ready to receive anyone! Decent tart cocktail+burger(without the bun) with sweet potato-fries.

Ice-cream@DonutGuy that had my favourite FunnelCake there, but was too filled up for that.

Strolling about LincolnSt to get familiar in the area with random sculptures,monuments,etc…

and buildings.

15.30hrs – 1st in line to get into ColonialLifeArena to reserve a row of seats for the family. The Commencement started at 16.00hrs with 291students to receive their diplomas.

Here she is, standing beautiful&tall in her ChristianLouboutin receiving her HighSchool Diploma, and she managed to walk those few steps without tripping in those red-sole-heels!

Congratulations Elisabeth Iris HALL #2, and all the best to the next chapter in ClemsonU,SC,USA in this life’s journey. So nice to catch up with Cindy/SC, Dee&Terry/FL, and Kathleen/NC.

Thank you to the proud parents for raising such an amazing young lady and this fine family. Those shoes did not stay long on her feet, here already off for family pix – hahaha

What an achievement, and yes I counted all her 17 chords,medals,stoles – appreciations to #4 for providing me with the list so promptly when I only asked her for it at dinner – this young lady will certainly go far in life!

Chords:BetaClub,CasProject,DistinguishedHonorGrad, DoubleNationalHonors+EnglishHonorsSociety,FineArts,ForeignLanguage, IB-Diploma,PalmettoGirlsState,StudentAmbassador,Top5Individuals,



Appreciations to Linn&Jeff for a lovely dinner@BlueMarlin where they serve one of my favourite SheCrabSoup.

Next graduation will be@UofSC when #1 completes her UndergradDegree in 2024. Hopefully will be able to attend.

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself — John Dewey

Thu: arranging&working on the graduation pix took most of the day, also a couple of hand-wash silk+other drip-dry clothes to be washed before packing again. Text to wish MortenHALD happy birthday and he tells me that there is 5cm of new snow in Tromsø/Norway today! bringing back memories when we had snow there on 17May1979!!

Fri: #2+friends’ Graduation FairyTeaParty was a big hit,

strange to not see any kids at the treehouse, but Bo the puppy! would probably have been up there if he could! 2grandkids(#1&2)in U and no more ElementarySchool grandkids on this beautiful full moon night.

1 Jun – Happy Bday Morten
2 Jun – Happy Bdays KK & RichardLee
4 Jun – Happy Bday Natasha
6 Jun – Happy Bday Dika & Harry
9 Jun – Happy Bday Sophie
15Jun – my father would have been 112. L&M’s paternal grandfather would have been 100
15Jun – Happy Bday AmyJ
19Jun – Happy Bdays JenLeng & ChengSong
22Jun – Happy Bdays Josh & Devon
25Jun – Happy Bdays Chon/John, Clement & Huang/HI,USA.
28Jun – Happy Bdays Jeff & JohnWilson
30Jun – Happy Bdays JenMun & AnnieKOH

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