Safe & Sound In Oslo/Norway 2023

6 Jun 2023 – With Perfect Weather&Temps

Sat: oh! how I really dislike packing!! But looks like better to learn to deal with it when seeing the grandchildren is the priority, Nice that #1,2&3 want to have dinner together while #2&5 are at camp on this full-moon night. Tkx Linn for arranging and making dinner, was just too tired to even help. Time has gone by too quicky and its already the month of Jun, and #4s 14Bday next week.

Sun: missed AA-flight 0600hrs to DCA and the 1100hrs flight was full. Being on a non-refundable ticket, had to rebook a new oneway trip to OSL, an expensive trip that I have NO wish to remember!

On the phone all morning and waiting the whole afternoon@CAE airport, finally took off 2000hrs for ATL(full flight) connecting to AMS(full flight)-OSL. Flight from ATL-AMS was delayed and flight from AMS-OSL was held back 10mins, just in time for me to run, get thru’ immigration and was the last running on board, thank goodness that they delayed the flight so that I could make it, unlike when I missed the IAD-CAE flight because of 10mins delayed from connecting flight and had to wait 4hrs@IAD on my way to the US last month! This will probably be the most expensive&stressful trip in my life, but all worth it to have #6 in my arms.

Mon: arr safe&sound but no baggage, oh well! no worries as I have kinda expected it and do have whatever I need for an overnight. Nothing matters more than being safe and having a soft-ice-cream with #6 after puppy training.

Tue: 2nd-born must have green thumb, just being indoors at her place is like being in the Garden of Eden with Physalis, CalamondinOrangeTree? Purple Shamrock/OxalisTriangularis – she must talk to her plants and treat them with loads of TLC! Baggage is due to be delivered this evening, so back to another 7thHeaven again with #6 who is still in school until the middle of Jun, when summer holidays will then start here. Now with a puppy in their home and moving to a new home next week, life will be busy. Home is any four walls that enclose the right people.

The best way to get a puppy is to beg for a baby brother, and they’ll settle for a puppy every time – do wonder if he asked for a baby brother or sister, hahaha!

Even the neighbour moved his office outdoors to make the best of a day like today! This perfect weather always get me thinking of the children’s paternal Norwegian grandfather, JohnHALD who once said during one of my the visits before he passed – Vi har bedt om dette været for ditt besøk=We have requested this weather for your visit…

Delightful stroll with #6 to his SecretGarden

and to where they will be moving to around these stunning Lilac/Syringa fragrance bushes&hedges with all the different colour-shades and magnificent trees – WildCherry, BloodBeech

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