Fairytale Land With Hunks&Trolls!

10 Jun 2023 – And Norwegian Peel To Eat Shrimps

Wed: dr appt@PilestredetPark with a new dr, but bumped into my former dr who was coincidently helping out there today. Have known EivindBorna since his pre-med days in 1968 RCSI,Dublin,Ireland! Nice to be able to catch up and to learn that his son(with 4children) also graduated from the same med-school in Dublin.

Another beautiful day to stroll about KarlJohanGt to Stortorvet – was into 3 different places trying to get varme pølser med lomper, rå løk+stekt løk=hotdog in potato-pancake with raw onions+fried onions – no luck, so not meant to have that today! Colourful flowers at the flower market on this glorious day, tempting but not getting any until they have moved into their new home.

Thu: nice to catch up with Mette – a delightful afternoon chewing the fat, reminiscing between the fairy-tales and the hunks of our lives, hahaha! Have been informed today that Haaland(the hunk!) is the world’s best footballer. As for fairytales, with road names like Eventyrvei=FairytaleRd&BukkenBruseevei (NorwegianFolkTale), do make me feel like LaLaLand, especially with this perfect weather to walk in.

Everything you look at can become a fairy tale and you can get a story from everything you touch ― Hans Christian Andersen

Fri: Happy 14Birthday#4, Sophie who will be starting HighSchool and has chosen to play an instrument to fit her height! Proud of her standing tall with her academic(Math+straightAs), musical(MasterProgram for HighSchool) & sports achievements(CC&TrackVarsity).

Appreciations&tkx to Ingrid&HansK for  yummy lunch in their beautiful home on a beautiful day. Nothing compares to Norwegian peel to eat shrimps. Cold water species caught in the deep waters of the N-Atlantic ocean, they are cooked in sea water and quick-frozen after cooking. Small and each one takes a few seconds to peel, but is certainly worth the effort.

Relaxing afternoon chatting, a walk peeping into gardens and to finally get a hotdogNOK50/S$6+ I like at a gas station on the way.

Sat: PorcelainFower or WaxPlant/HoyaCarnosa, is a species of flowering plant in the dogbane family Apocynaceae.  This plant has been handed down to me and now to 2nd-born. It also has a long history in the family: the mother plant is from the L&M paternal father’s grandmother who was named MonnaHEFFERMEHL/1871, (mother of their great-grandmother EmmaHALD/Mosken), ie L&Ms great-great-grandmother, and #1-6s great-great-great-grandmother!! Tkx to Cathrine for the info. I used to have that plant and it was given to me by L&Ms grand parents, but returned it to the family when I left Norway. Now 2nd-born too has one wrapped around the window. Flower pix downloaded, plant here not in bloom.

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