Procrastinating With Packing

30 Apr 2023 – Least Favourite Thing To Do!

Wed: in collaboration with The Orchid Society of South East Asia/OSSEA, TanglinMall is having an orchid display featuring 400+Competition plants until Sun30Apr. Unusual place to hold a flower show, but nice to be able to slowly appreciate these exquisite&exotic blooms in the comfort of AC-surroundings – no need for this lovely SIN-NationalFlowerUmbrella no matter how tempting to get one! But if you want it, pop down to the basement where OSSEA booth can help with your orchid queries.

Some of the prize winners

With my limited knowledge, all of them would be prize winners in my eyes – beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Thu: PP to run errands, pleasantly surprised to bumped into Aileen&Alan(pix credits to Aileen). Somehow have given up hope to catch up this time round as they head back to Saudi this weekend. Here is just to show when its meant to be will be and whatever will be will be, most importantly be safe. Tkx to Ade for her KanaShiok, ready packed for the travel – such consideration&kindness is much appreciated.

Always look forward for a haircut and meeting Helen for dinner@IKEA. Tonight, was some private function there, thus crowded, but still managed to get a table and a good time was had by us, even got to pick up what I needed there – pix credits to Helen.

Fri: its been a long while ago being on-the-go multi-tasking for nearly 12hrs yesterday – took a whole to recover today!

Sat&Sun: running down the list of things to remember how to pack for an extensive trip, including hiking gears – my least favourite thing to do, this procrastinating!!

30Apr2023: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 total deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop ~5.6+mil in an area of ~721km²  – 1,727
SC/USA/pop ~5+mil in an area of ~82, 932km²  – 19,789
Norway/pop ~5.3+mil in an area of ~365,268km²  – 5,213
Total deaths for the world today – 6,863,757

Hari Raya, Earth Day/2023

26 Apr 2023 – Steamboat/Hotpot

Sat: everyday is EarthDay with a reminder today to cherish and take care of it being so far to our knowledge the only livable planet to~8billion ppl, this is HOME to us ALL.

HariRayaPuasa/Aidilfitri – those heading by land to Malaysia, plx take care and stay safe.

Heavy traffic, long waiting times expected at land checkpoints over HariRayaPuasa weekend – ICA. Pix downloaded, you cannot pay me enough to be there!! Eid al-Fitr is one of two major holidays celebrated by Muslims around the world. It can be translated as the feast of fast-breaking as it commemorates the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Panic moment, thought that external-hard-drive crashed(all my pix are in there!!). Leonard managed to transfer to another new hard-drive and thanks to him for checking&making sure that all systems go and are updated before taking off. Appreciations for NasiLemak HariRaya-dinner from CoconutClub+other dishes@Pat&David

Sun: HariRayalunch@Iyas with his homemade yummy curries&cookies.

Dinner@KokSenRestaurant 國成球記菜社 which moved further down the road to 4KeongSaikRd. With a history 40+yrs, the Wong-family has been serving Cantonese-style ZiChar for 3Gens. And here we have 3Gens at dinner& dessert@MeiHeongYuen

Mon: a quiet day to figure&organize what is needed before an extensive trip – has been 3yrs ago since travelling like this. Let’s hope that my old buddy Samsonite with survive another trip with its duct-taped, cover+extra enforcement. It has been with me since 10yrs ago and as long as it is fixable&useable, do not have the heart to replace.


8Sep2013 – High Sierra bag broke down during the UKc2c hike but managed to get it across the pond. Bought a new one at Ross on Tue senior day (10% off), a grey light weight Samsonite Viewpointe with 10yrs warranty for US$63 S$80 minus 10%. Let’s see how long will this one last! The older hard suitcase, a hard Samsonite is still intact in SIN but too heavy to lug around with these limited baggage weight on the budget travels.

Tue: early morning@MT-wetMarket for fresh YongTauFuS$11.

Follow-up appt@SGH – finally all barricades&constructions done on OutramRd with the new CancerCentre opened. Impressive to see what SGH is now. Caught with this short lovely cool downpour in between bus-stops, but no problems with all these shades walkways and well-designed stops

Heading to PlazaSIN for some errands – amazing that Crocs is doing so well, still have the pair from 2005AT-Thru-Hike, then just a simple light-weight easy to sling on the backpack. #6 now has a pair and picking up some accessories which did not exist then…

Always enjoy Ivy’s individual steamboat/hotpot where you cook exactly how long&what you like in our own pots(here with 7pots!). Tkx for lovely small family get together for dinner&dessert. Will look forward to Sep/Oct when we can catch up again as many will be travelling for this long LabourDay-Weekend ahead.

For overseas family&friends this is Chinese-style-fondue done in broth instead of oil. The best part for me is at the end of the meal to consume my favourite broth.

Wed: constructions with drilling,pounding,etc can be annoying, but can look forward to the completion of MarineTerraceMRT-st/TEL/brown-line which will be just around the corner from my 4-walls with a shaded walkway. Am prepare to clean the layers of dust when I get back. Nice to be able to have a late supper with Gel@MarineCove where there was cool breeze.

Unexpected Delightful Finds

21 Apr 2023 – vomFASS

Tue: my favourite HokkienMee, GeylangLorong29HokkienMee@396EC-Rd 650m/5mins walk from my 4-walls where you might even spot a RR parking illegally for this dish – best consumed immediately straight out from the wok to the plate. For my overseas friends this is a SIN-noddle-dish with prawns,egg,squid,crunchy fried pork lard(optional) served with sambal-chilli+a squeeze of calamansi for that added zing.

Wed: shopping@ION since at this location for dinner. Discovered a shop that allows tasting and will definitely return to vomFASS – brilliant idea to be able to taste Gins,Oils,Vinegars,Whiskys to see if you like before buying and different sizes, especially for me who lives alone.

Hopefully found an appropriate gift for Les, very difficult to find something for someone who has just about everything, and more gifts. YuzuGin is good to my taste, bought 2 small bottles to share with L&M

Appreciations&tkx for dinner with a view at SurreyHillsGrocer@ION-Orchard. One would not expect to have to walk thru’ a carpark on level5 to find this trendy new Aussie-style cafe+grocery with an artisanal bakery.

AustralianSirloinSteak,BurrataSalad,TripleTruffleFries topped with freshly grated parmesan served with a truffle aioli on the side. TaterTots drizzled with cheese, LemonMeringueCake,SourbombeDonuts+ice-cream.

Thu: tkx to cousinYun for calling that got me near the kitchen window to chat. Despite of aging eye-sight, delighted to spy this bird, not easy to see as it was well-camouflaged&tiny on the carpark-roof-top-garden, rushed to grab my camera to zoom and lucky to capture this before it flew away.

A severe heatwave has swept across much of Asia, causing deaths, school closures in India and record-breaking temp in China. Do feel for those without shades, enough water or cooling aids – can just hide here in my AC-4-walls despite of higher power bills.

Sadly many killed in a Yemen stampede as needy residents in the war-torn nation flocked to receive charity handouts from local merchants during the holy month of Ramadan. This is what I fear whenever there are crowds.

Fri: appreciations to Les for my supply of meds, now stocked to last until Oct, and to Calvin for a new tent – headlamp+other gears that are still in good condition from previous hikes.  2CCs CardiacCentre,FarrerPk/SIN and Campers’Corner/SIN are the sponsors for the 700+k PEI-Thru-Hike. And tkx to Wendy for tonight’s dinner@CC

When you’re good enough in your sport, you have the option to choose your sponsors. Sometimes you pass some to support the people you like and the products you want to use…

Bruno Magli, Manolo Blahnik

17 Apr 2023 – Christian Louboutin

Fri: Spring break for#2 was a trip to Atlanta who has been saving up for these ChristianLouboutin – would fall and break my neck if I have to walk in them, but they sure looks great on her. Still have a pair of BrunoMagli(1970s) and a pair of ManoloBlahnik(1980s) and now can only wear them when sitting – hahaha, would have passed them on to her if she could or want to wear them, but of course they do not have red soles!

The shoe that fits one person, pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases — Carl Jung

196Bus to NicholeHwyMRT-st-crossing to The Concourse and had some extra time to walk this building.

10-20k weekly challenge can now only happen before sunrise or after sunset unless rainy. After movie RiceBoySleeps@Projector/GoldenMileTowerS$13(weekend without SeniorD but wanted to watch this on big screen), walked to

MerdekaBridge/NicholeHwy(pix downloaded too dark to get a proper shot)-KallangStairs

StadiumPromenade – size of the bench is misleading when taken without anyone in it to show the actual size, but in reality will need a ladder to get up to sit on it, will nickname it the Giant’sBench!


TanjongRhuPromenade with the view of NationalStadium, IndoorStadium, TanjongRhuLookoutTower(my favourite shot for tonight). Along CostaRhuCondos, The Concourse across the river. Under the ECP and a water break@BayEastGardenVisitorCentre-ECpkAreaA, all together~6k and from here its~another 6k to my 4walls. An amazing restful goodnight sleep after that.

Maturity is learning to walk away from ppl&situations that threaten peace of mind,self-respect,values,morals or self-worth.

Sat: while it takes just a few hours to walk those distances, takes all day to organize the images and put them in words correctly! Tkx to SL for BeefHorFun dinner and cakes for dessert – which one to pick, choices oh choices when you like them all. If only just a tiny bite taste of all these, life would be perfect – hahaha

Sun: concluding QingMing2023 this weekend, will not be contributing with the pollution burning paper offerings or being near MandaiColumbarium or PeckSanTheng – thoughts are with parents,bros,sil, and family who have passed, but never forgotten.

Our humanness makes us vulnerable and we all seek solace in different ways. I suppose it depends on the devils that haunt one from life’s experiences that determine what manner of solace we choose.

Mon: productive day – breakfast@TiongBahruBakery since heading that direction. Tkx to DaisyL who saw this bottle with stopper that has been in my list – surprised&unexpected to find it@TiongBahruMarketS$39. Continued with more errands@Diaso,Spotlight/PlazaSIN+late lunch w KK.

Alone vs Solitude

13 Apr 2023 – Kebaya to BazaarRaya

Mon: on the subject of alone, loneliness, lonely – so far have been living alone by choice for the past 25yrs. Being alone is a physical state where you are physically by yourself. Being lonely is an emotional state where you are feeling alone or disconnected from others – even when they’re right next to you.

Solitude, on the other hand is the choice to be alone to use that time either for reflection or simply enjoyment in one’s own company. It’s about being present with one’s self rather than the lack of company. And everyone is different as to how to handle on being alone…

Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self. 

Tue: National Museum of Singapore/NMS is the nation’s oldest museum dating back to 1849. Not sure when one my favourite BanyanTrees dates back to?

Today Love, Kebaya – a travelling exhibition will be there until 23Apr.

The last time I wore a Kebaya was in 2008!! And that was for a wedding – as elegant&beautiful as they are, the weather here is too hot for them for outdoors, but perfect in AC surroundings.

Delighted to see YipYewChong’s MovingMemories I&II screened on the wall.

Wed: tkx to DaisyC for lunch and can’t believe that I suggested HaigRdFoodCentre,

but glad that I did or would never have seen any of BazaarRayaGeylangSerai2023 with ~700stalls – imagine what will happen if you pull out the middle sausage on the bottom row – hahaha.

Walked by only a few of the stalls and during fasting hrs – not brave enough to be here after sundown! Will just have to be happy to see whatever is shared on FB&the news! Could not resist this tiny cute light with all kinds of adaptor-plugsS$15.

Too hot to walk under the enclosed tentage on GeylangRd – headed to JooChiatRd, better under the shaded shophouses

This is what it can be like after sundown and would certainly not survive in these crowds – pix downloaded.…/geylang-serai-ramadan-bazaar-2023/

Thu: crossing the overhead bridge on OldAirpotRd looking at the grounds where the former DakotaHDBs were, now under redevelopment, supposedly to another public housing site with more intensive use of the land! Time will show, just on the way to get some of the family’s favourite mini paus from 34CassiaCres.

Tkx to Carmel for lunch – 1st visit to RedSparrow/DempseyRd

BánhKhọt, a mini savory pancake with a piece of shrimp on top; BánhXèo a crispy stuffed rice pancake, both dishes were yummy and new to me.

Profound classic Vietnamese poem by Hồ Xuân Hương(1772-1822) – The Cake That Drifts In Water, translated by Huỳnh Sanh Thông

My body is both white and round
In water I now swim, now sink.
The hand that kneads me may be rough
I still shall keep my true-red heart.

12+k-Walk For The Trees

9 Apr 2023: Happy Easter

Thu: after getting things out of mothballs on Tue&Wed, decided to go into town yesterday morning as the chain-saw was noisily taking down a tree by the playground and that really gets me down.

Headed to RafflesCity hoping that it can be a distraction.

SarawakKoloMee@FoodPlace by FoodJunction(extra added pork-liverS$9.50), first&last trial at this stall but not quite the LastSupper yet! Refreshing cold lemon-tea, really S$3.60? Good to be early as the crowds start by 12n. To be honest, drinks&foods at the hawkers taste better to me and at less than half the cost!

This exhibition titled Capturing A Century: A Visual Journey, celebrates the centennial of the newspaper. It features photos taken by LianheZaobao’s 聯合早報photojournalists and from the archives of NanyangSiangPau&SinChewJit Poh, which merged in 1983 to form the largest SIN- Chinese-language newspaper. Do not read Chinese, but do like these amazing photography with captions in both Chinese&English.

On foot via QueenElizabethWalk&EsplanadePark, first time taking the elevator leading to the underground carpark up to Esplanade. Usually prefer to be above ground, but need to experience&try new locations to keep learning&moving forward, also to avoid traffic.

Discovered SingtelWaterfrontTheatre(opened Oct2022, show just how long ago since last here)on 1st-glimpse, thought that these were statues but walking nearer to find out that they are real ppl. A perfect spot for a short snooze from the heavy tropical rains and heat.

Probably my last pix of the FloatingPlatform before redevelopment – ariel pix downloaded

Took a slightly different path today, instead of heading to MarinaBarrage found the staircase near ActiveGarden(GardensByTheBay) onto ShearesAve crossing BenjaminShearesBridge.

The misleading part is that you have to get off by RepublicBlvd and get on another stairs@Bus/CoachParking area to continue crossing the bridge/ECP-highway


After crossing the bridge you have to get off here either by these 6flights of stairs(17steps each flight!)which will bring you to EC-Pk-AreaA, or turn back to RepublicBlvd.

Another new discovery – this unique desalination plant treats 2sources of water, seawater from the SIN-Strait and fresh storm water from the MarinaReservoir. Delighted to see what looks like a pair of heron? did not attempt to go too near. Kept wondering what this building is when in the car on the ECP before the tunnel exit to MCE, now I know.

EC-Pk-AreaA on a wet weekday is such a pleasure to walk  – serenity in a world of my own, 5mins break to get the feet elevated.

AreaB is where there are more of everything and now that the rains have past even this brood of at least 16feathered-friends were enjoying the surroundings.

Back to the nearest section from my 4-walls, AreaC with one of my favourite trees still standing, and now newly paved with drainage on some parts of the paths, probably did not notice this as it is usually dark during my early morning walks. Running out of steam and was tempted to take the underpass here.

Knew that I had to pick up some grocery@Giant, also knowing that when back in my 4-walls, will be reluctant to go out again, thus continuing on to the overhead bridge by SiglapCanal. After~12k-walk was for too tried to organize pix&thoughts for posting until today, or upset about the tree, or maybe just procrastinating with the thought of what has to be done, or all the above!!!

What actually happened Thu: Rebecca, 1960sCHIJclassmate&neighbour lost her keys and took refuge with me. Sorry to hear from her that our friend LynneOng/Michaels lost her husband David recently. Condolences to her&her family. Her mother was our teacher in Pri6,1962/CHIJ.

Fri: TGIF – Good Friday to those to those marking the day. Tkx for HotCrossBuns, Easter goodies should arrive in time for US flock&friends. Happy Easter weekend to all celebrating.

There would be no Christmas if there was no Easter. Easter is the only time of year when it is safe to put all your eggs in one basket. 

Sat: still upset about the tree, was told that it was termite infested and a danger to the kids by the playground. This triggered back to an incident from SC/USA and checked the blog posting regarding about trees to understand why trees get chopped down…

Edited: May 2017 – Unhappy & Upset

Received an email from a lawyer in CAE,SC/USA who wanted my permission to use the pix I posted in 5May2014 blog posting. Since this was L&J’s territory I referred on to them.

Sadly some kid died from a fallen branch in this park and this lawyer wants to sue the county for negligence? about the upkeep of the park or something to that extent?? The lawyer has been bothering L&J for some time and that I was not aware of until now!

The above pix is the one they wanted to use from my blog and in my blog it also states that –

Unauthorized use or duplication of this material without written permission from this blog’s owner is prohibited

31May 2017: $3.6 Million Settlement for Family of Boy Killed by Falling Branch – Irmo, SC (WLTX)

Sun: Happy Easter Sunday. Appreciations&tkx to family&friends for their Easter ski-trips shares bringing back wonderful memories from another life time ago in WinterWonderLand over many Easters.

Tkx&appreciations to Les&Ivy for dinner and to Shawn for the taste of BhutanWater&Whisky.

Outdoor cooking is the only way to get the best wokhei 鑊氣and now also with new BBQ+smoking gear added to their garden, putting cook&eating out into another level&perspective especially his Steak-a-la-Rochalie, my favourite steak.

If Easter says anything to us today, it says this: you can put truth in a grave but it won’t stay there.

Finland – 31stNato Member

5 Apr 2023 – Warmer Days Are Back

Sun: nice to meet up with CynthiaT who has not been back to SIN to visit her family since 3yrs ago – she is a cousin of PuiChung/Linda on her father side and a cousin of ShookWah on her mother side, small world! Managed to find 3dresses for S$10 that should be fixable and hopefully wearable.

Mon: wondering on foot around LittleIndia to run some errands@CitySqMall and an early Assam-fish-lunchS$8 before the lines…

Continued on foot to Suntec to watch Taiwanese supernatural comedy mystery Marry My Dead Body關於我和鬼變成家人的那件事 – a same sex marriage between a human and a ghost, a police officer finds a red wedding envelope, only to find out that the owner of the red envelope is in fact a ghost from the other side asking for the officers hand in marriage before reincarnation.

Dinner&dessert with Clement – the drizzles&cooler weathers made it possible to walk around both in&outdoors of~8k today.

Tue: Finland becomes a member of NATO today making it the 31st member. The North Atlantic Alliance was founded in 1949, the aftermath of WW2. Its purpose was to secure peace in Europe and there were 12 founding members then –  Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, UK, USA. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization/NATO – ensures that the security of its European member countries is inseparably linked to that of its N-American member countries.

Wed: on with the AC in these warmer days to fix,,sew,etc anything that is possible to safe&salvage so as not to waste before closing down the 4-walls for the next 5months ahead. From now till packing is done, the 4-walls within will be in a chaos&mess, not in any condition to receive guests – am overwhelmed just looking&thinking about what will be needed for USA,Norway,PEI-thru-hike.

The real cure for our environmental problems is to understand that our job is to salvage Mother Nature.

Pulau Semakau

1 Apr 2023 – The Garbage of Eden is No April Fool

Wed: SIN Changi Airport – where many have been, but probably few(including myself, as I was living in Norway then!) can remember the 1970s land reclamation. Today it is voted the top airport in the world by Skytrax, once again reclaiming the No.1-spot- pix downloaded.

1st SIN airport was KallangAirport where I remember flying out from SIN to then Malaya in 1959 to welcome 1st nephew LAM JenMun born in KotoBahru – pix credit to my father.

2nd SIN airport was PayaLaberAirport(pix downloaded) in 1965 to London/UK.

Thu: this is still on my list to visit knowing that I will not see what can and will be built on PulauSemakau, known as The Garbage of Eden 8k SW off SINmainland.  This landfill is no dump, but a manmade island that resembles a nature preserve, despite the 9.8 million tons of incinerated waste lying just a foot under the parklike surface – pix downloaded.

Amazing what one can do with thrash –