12+k-Walk For The Trees

9 Apr 2023: Happy Easter

Thu: after getting things out of mothballs on Tue&Wed, decided to go into town yesterday morning as the chain-saw was noisily taking down a tree by the playground and that really gets me down.

Headed to RafflesCity hoping that it can be a distraction.

SarawakKoloMee@FoodPlace by FoodJunction(extra added pork-liverS$9.50), first&last trial at this stall but not quite the LastSupper yet! Refreshing cold lemon-tea, really S$3.60? Good to be early as the crowds start by 12n. To be honest, drinks&foods at the hawkers taste better to me and at less than half the cost!

This exhibition titled Capturing A Century: A Visual Journey, celebrates the centennial of the newspaper. It features photos taken by LianheZaobao’s 聯合早報photojournalists and from the archives of NanyangSiangPau&SinChewJit Poh, which merged in 1983 to form the largest SIN- Chinese-language newspaper. Do not read Chinese, but do like these amazing photography with captions in both Chinese&English.

On foot via QueenElizabethWalk&EsplanadePark, first time taking the elevator leading to the underground carpark up to Esplanade. Usually prefer to be above ground, but need to experience&try new locations to keep learning&moving forward, also to avoid traffic.

Discovered SingtelWaterfrontTheatre(opened Oct2022, show just how long ago since last here)on 1st-glimpse, thought that these were statues but walking nearer to find out that they are real ppl. A perfect spot for a short snooze from the heavy tropical rains and heat.


Probably my last pix of the FloatingPlatform before redevelopment – ariel pix downloaded


Took a slightly different path today, instead of heading to MarinaBarrage found the staircase near ActiveGarden(GardensByTheBay) onto ShearesAve crossing BenjaminShearesBridge.

The misleading part is that you have to get off by RepublicBlvd and get on another stairs@Bus/CoachParking area to continue crossing the bridge/ECP-highway


After crossing the bridge you have to get off here either by these 6flights of stairs(17steps each flight!)which will bring you to EC-Pk-AreaA, or turn back to RepublicBlvd.

Another new discovery – this unique desalination plant treats 2sources of water, seawater from the SIN-Strait and fresh storm water from the MarinaReservoir. Delighted to see what looks like a pair of heron? did not attempt to go too near. Kept wondering what this building is when in the car on the ECP before the tunnel exit to MCE, now I know.

EC-Pk-AreaA on a wet weekday is such a pleasure to walk  – serenity in a world of my own, 5mins break to get the feet elevated.

AreaB is where there are more of everything and now that the rains have past even this brood of at least 16feathered-friends were enjoying the surroundings.

Back to the nearest section from my 4-walls, AreaC with one of my favourite trees still standing, and now newly paved with drainage on some parts of the paths, probably did not notice this as it is usually dark during my early morning walks. Running out of steam and was tempted to take the underpass here.

Knew that I had to pick up some grocery@Giant, also knowing that when back in my 4-walls, will be reluctant to go out again, thus continuing on to the overhead bridge by SiglapCanal. After~12k-walk was for too tried to organize pix&thoughts for posting until today, or upset about the tree, or maybe just procrastinating with the thought of what has to be done, or all the above!!!

What actually happened Thu: Rebecca, 1960sCHIJclassmate&neighbour lost her keys and took refuge with me. Sorry to hear from her that our friend LynneOng/Michaels lost her husband David recently. Condolences to her&her family. Her mother was our teacher in Pri6,1962/CHIJ. https://amylamsg.com/2012/02/25/a-teacher-from-1962/

Fri: TGIF – Good Friday to those to those marking the day. Tkx for HotCrossBuns, Easter goodies should arrive in time for US flock&friends. Happy Easter weekend to all celebrating.

There would be no Christmas if there was no Easter. Easter is the only time of year when it is safe to put all your eggs in one basket. 

Sat: still upset about the tree, was told that it was termite infested and a danger to the kids by the playground. This triggered back to an incident from SC/USA and checked the blog posting regarding about trees to understand why trees get chopped down…


Edited: May 2017 – Unhappy & Upset

Received an email from a lawyer in CAE,SC/USA who wanted my permission to use the pix I posted in 5May2014 blog posting. Since this was L&J’s territory I referred on to them.

Sadly some kid died from a fallen branch in this park and this lawyer wants to sue the county for negligence? about the upkeep of the park or something to that extent?? The lawyer has been bothering L&J for some time and that I was not aware of until now!


The above pix is the one they wanted to use from my blog and in my blog it also states that –

Unauthorized use or duplication of this material without written permission from this blog’s owner is prohibited

31May 2017: $3.6 Million Settlement for Family of Boy Killed by Falling Branch – Irmo, SC (WLTX) 


Sun: Happy Easter Sunday. Appreciations&tkx to family&friends for their Easter ski-trips shares bringing back wonderful memories from another life time ago in WinterWonderLand over many Easters.

Tkx&appreciations to Les&Ivy for dinner and to Shawn for the taste of BhutanWater&Whisky.

Outdoor cooking is the only way to get the best wokhei 鑊氣and now also with new BBQ+smoking gear added to their garden, putting cook&eating out into another level&perspective especially his Steak-a-la-Rochalie, my favourite steak.


If Easter says anything to us today, it says this: you can put truth in a grave but it won’t stay there.