Unexpected Delightful Finds

21 Apr 2023 – vomFASS

Tue: my favourite HokkienMee, GeylangLorong29HokkienMee@396EC-Rd 650m/5mins walk from my 4-walls where you might even spot a RR parking illegally for this dish – best consumed immediately straight out from the wok to the plate. For my overseas friends this is a SIN-noddle-dish with prawns,egg,squid,crunchy fried pork lard(optional) served with sambal-chilli+a squeeze of calamansi for that added zing.

Wed: shopping@ION since at this location for dinner. Discovered a shop that allows tasting and will definitely return to vomFASS – brilliant idea to be able to taste Gins,Oils,Vinegars,Whiskys to see if you like before buying and different sizes, especially for me who lives alone.

Hopefully found an appropriate gift for Les, very difficult to find something for someone who has just about everything, and more gifts. YuzuGin is good to my taste, bought 2 small bottles to share with L&M

Appreciations&tkx for dinner with a view at SurreyHillsGrocer@ION-Orchard. One would not expect to have to walk thru’ a carpark on level5 to find this trendy new Aussie-style cafe+grocery with an artisanal bakery.

AustralianSirloinSteak,BurrataSalad,TripleTruffleFries topped with freshly grated parmesan served with a truffle aioli on the side. TaterTots drizzled with cheese, LemonMeringueCake,SourbombeDonuts+ice-cream.

Thu: tkx to cousinYun for calling that got me near the kitchen window to chat. Despite of aging eye-sight, delighted to spy this bird, not easy to see as it was well-camouflaged&tiny on the carpark-roof-top-garden, rushed to grab my camera to zoom and lucky to capture this before it flew away.

A severe heatwave has swept across much of Asia, causing deaths, school closures in India and record-breaking temp in China. Do feel for those without shades, enough water or cooling aids – can just hide here in my AC-4-walls despite of higher power bills.


Sadly many killed in a Yemen stampede as needy residents in the war-torn nation flocked to receive charity handouts from local merchants during the holy month of Ramadan. This is what I fear whenever there are crowds.


Fri: appreciations to Les for my supply of meds, now stocked to last until Oct, and to Calvin for a new tent – headlamp+other gears that are still in good condition from previous hikes.  2CCs CardiacCentre,FarrerPk/SIN and Campers’Corner/SIN are the sponsors for the 700+k PEI-Thru-Hike. And tkx to Wendy for tonight’s dinner@CC

When you’re good enough in your sport, you have the option to choose your sponsors. Sometimes you pass some to support the people you like and the products you want to use…