Finland – 31stNato Member

5 Apr 2023 – Warmer Days Are Back

Sun: nice to meet up with CynthiaT who has not been back to SIN to visit her family since 3yrs ago – she is a cousin of PuiChung/Linda on her father side and a cousin of ShookWah on her mother side, small world! Managed to find 3dresses for S$10 that should be fixable and hopefully wearable.

Mon: wondering on foot around LittleIndia to run some errands@CitySqMall and an early Assam-fish-lunchS$8 before the lines…

Continued on foot to Suntec to watch Taiwanese supernatural comedy mystery Marry My Dead Body關於我和鬼變成家人的那件事 – a same sex marriage between a human and a ghost, a police officer finds a red wedding envelope, only to find out that the owner of the red envelope is in fact a ghost from the other side asking for the officers hand in marriage before reincarnation.

Dinner&dessert with Clement – the drizzles&cooler weathers made it possible to walk around both in&outdoors of~8k today.

Tue: Finland becomes a member of NATO today making it the 31st member. The North Atlantic Alliance was founded in 1949, the aftermath of WW2. Its purpose was to secure peace in Europe and there were 12 founding members then –  Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, UK, USA. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization/NATO – ensures that the security of its European member countries is inseparably linked to that of its N-American member countries.

Wed: on with the AC in these warmer days to fix,,sew,etc anything that is possible to safe&salvage so as not to waste before closing down the 4-walls for the next 5months ahead. From now till packing is done, the 4-walls within will be in a chaos&mess, not in any condition to receive guests – am overwhelmed just looking&thinking about what will be needed for USA,Norway,PEI-thru-hike.

The real cure for our environmental problems is to understand that our job is to salvage Mother Nature.