A Teacher from 1962

25 Feb 2012 – RIP Mrs Molly ONG

Fri: Condolences to Lynne and to her family for the passing of her mother. Mrs ONG was our teacher in 1962/CHIJ where Lynne was also in the same class. At the wake Thu and have not seen Lynne’s brother Yew Huat since mid 1960s, when was just a little boy then. Today he is Executive Chairman of Ernst & Young and a father of 3.

Both Lynne and Yew Huat gave wonderful eulogies of their mother@St John’s St Margaret’s Church in DoverAve. Rev David Michaels (with grand daughter, Florence), Lynne’s husband gave a short & sweet service@Mandai Crematorium. Rowena, Lynne’s daughter-in-law could not attend the funeral as her contractions started. She & Simon are expecting their second child.

Tkx Lynne for dinner at the SIN Island Country Club, a very different SICC from our childhood days where father was one of the early members. His membership number was then L10. Poor Lynne who lives in Cornwall, she is exhausted and overwhelmed with jet-lag, wake, funeral and soon a grandmother again.  Hope that she will catch up with rest and sleep when I get back  from the HKG hike.

My oh my, all those years with carefree memories when I used to slumber at Lynne’s home@Chee Hoon Ave after parties! Appreciations to Dr & Mrs Ong for always welcoming me in their home and for the yummy home-made food & cookies. Mrs Ong was a wonderful cook, who also was Rebecca, Irene, me, Angela & Lynne’s teacher in 1962/CHIJ.

One way to evaluate your own reputation is to think about what would be said of you at your eulogy – Brian Koslow

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