100 Kilometers/61.13 Miles

23 Feb 2012 – At Tai Mo Shan

957m/3,140ft, being the highest peak in HKG and between Section 8/9 on the MacLehose. AT is 3,500km/2,175mi with the highest point there, Clingmans Dome 2,025m/6,643ft. That hike was done 7yrs ago, and now it is time to challenge the mind and body again! Being out in nature is the best for the body, mind & spirit; just hoping and praying that it will not rain nor will it be too hot! Is that too much to ask for 🙂

Finally after days of planning with Grace, this will be our MacLehose Trail logistics for 2 – 6 Mar 2012.

Trekking it backwards Stages 10 – 1

Google maps of trail markers (M001 etc) here:

MacLehose Trail – Google Maps


2-Mar Friday Day 1: 28.5km/18mi Stage 8(part)-end M143-M200

3-Mar Saturday Day 2: 14km/8.7mi Stage 6-8(part) M115-M143

4-Mar Sunday Day 3: 23km/14.3mi Stage 4-5 M069-M115

5-Mar Monday Day 4: 10km/6.3mi Stage 3 M049-M069

6-Mar Tuesday Day 5: 24.5km/15.3mi Stage 1-2 M001-M049

TOTAL 100km/62.13mi in 5 days.

Looking at the logistic, it will be tough hikes alternate days but really it is a matter of discipline and wanting to do it. Will NOT be bringing laptop on the trail. Only a day pack with water, snacks and an extra set of hiking clothes. Hiking with a full pack was and never will the choice.

Not so fond memories when hiking with full pack thru’ the National Parks on the AT thru-hike, but thank goodness it was 13 days out of 127 days!

Most of the MacLehose Trail is near civilization, so it is easy to get off it if necessary but hopefully not. Getting off it means injury 🙁

If you are just safe about the choices you make, you don’t grow – Heath Ledger

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