Nature vs Arts

17 Feb 2012 –  Thoughts & Quotes

Feeling kind of losing grip with nature and lazy, this is the time when one has to really make the extra effort to do the things one enjoy. Thus planning this 100km thru-hike in HKG. But not having lived in HKG, have to research and read up about the MacLehose Trail. This can be time-consuming. Knowing oneself, the only way to really find out is to go and experience the journey by walking the path. Preparations and the mind-set are important for long distance hiking. But being over focus can also harm, again a balance!

Tkx a million to Jack/HKG angel who overnight The Serious Hiker’s Guide to HKG by Pete Spurrier, a perfect and ideal book for anyone who is interesting to hike in HKG. With this and the other info online, preparations and planning can be a breeze, hopefully 🙂

Walking around this Garden City with intentions to build, strengthen and disciplining the mind to walk an average of 20km daily for 4-5 days has been on going for the past week. And in SIN (the Garden & Lion City) the way to do that is early mornings , late evenings or in the large AC malls. Of course NOT during weekends or rush hours!

Nature pix taken in KCH, the arts in SIN. Thoughts that it is no wonder that one looses much of one’s intuitions with all the man-made surroundings, even how beautiful art can be.  A comment made, not to me but could have been to me too and how sad to hear this, ‘the trouble with you is that you do not take care of your things like… who takes care of his things’ ! This was said in the context about a car!

We should love people and use things, not use people and love things –
Katie Stauffer