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21 Feb 2012 – Preparations

Mon: Happy President’s Day, public holiday only in the USA. Tkx to Chloe, Grace, Leonard, TohXin & Tommy for meeting up@Camper’s Corner/51 Waterloo St where you can find your camping, hiking and trekking gadgets all under one roof. Gave the AT talk there 29 Apr 2011 and that was when Grace came for the talk. An excellent place for trekkers and hikers to exchange and share info.

Appreciations to Leonard for computer help; Chloe & TohXin for sharing their 100kms experience on the MacLehose; Tommy for meeting us on this short notice and how coincident that he knows TohXin; Disel for showing me pix of his trek. Have learnt much from today.

Having hiked the AT, one learns much as to the individual needs to be able to long distance trek. Bought a light-weight day pack, Marmot Kompressor Plus weighing 340g/12ozs (wish I had kept the red-vest from the AT hike!) S$55, 2L Platypus S$55, 1 pair FoxRiver socks S$25, 2 power bars and caffeine shots to have in the pack for emergency. Plans to only carry daypack and overnight at hostels, ie NO tents! Am looking forward to this trek.

Tkx for dinner nephew Clem.

Pix from Vermont/USA, AT Thru-hike Day 95 Tue 2 Aug 2005.

100kms and 10 sections marked. Have done Sections parts of 1-2-3 but will be a pleasure doing this beautiful part again. The spirit is high with anticipation, let’s hope the body will be in sync 🙂

Tue: tkx Rebecca for home-made lunch and for the company to watch:

The Iron Lady***biographical movie follows the life of Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minster of the UK and the only British female PM.  Thatcher came from nowhere to smash through barriers of gender and class to be heard in a male dominated world. A series of flashbacks will narrate her life’s story and the price she had to pay for such power!

Meryl Streep played well in this major role and won the Golden Globe Award for Best ACtress – Motion Picture Drama.

It used to be about trying to do something. Now it’s about trying to be someone – The Iron Lady movie

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