Hari Raya, Earth Day/2023

26 Apr 2023 – Steamboat/Hotpot

Sat: everyday is EarthDay with a reminder today to cherish and take care of it being so far to our knowledge the only livable planet to~8billion ppl, this is HOME to us ALL.

HariRayaPuasa/Aidilfitri – those heading by land to Malaysia, plx take care and stay safe.

Heavy traffic, long waiting times expected at land checkpoints over HariRayaPuasa weekend – ICA. Pix downloaded, you cannot pay me enough to be there!! Eid al-Fitr is one of two major holidays celebrated by Muslims around the world. It can be translated as the feast of fast-breaking as it commemorates the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Panic moment, thought that external-hard-drive crashed(all my pix are in there!!). Leonard managed to transfer to another new hard-drive and thanks to him for checking&making sure that all systems go and are updated before taking off. Appreciations for NasiLemak HariRaya-dinner from CoconutClub+other dishes@Pat&David

Sun: HariRayalunch@Iyas with his homemade yummy curries&cookies.

Dinner@KokSenRestaurant 國成球記菜社 which moved further down the road to 4KeongSaikRd. With a history 40+yrs, the Wong-family has been serving Cantonese-style ZiChar for 3Gens. And here we have 3Gens at dinner& dessert@MeiHeongYuen

Mon: a quiet day to figure&organize what is needed before an extensive trip – has been 3yrs ago since travelling like this. Let’s hope that my old buddy Samsonite with survive another trip with its duct-taped, cover+extra enforcement. It has been with me since 10yrs ago and as long as it is fixable&useable, do not have the heart to replace.


8Sep2013 – High Sierra bag broke down during the UKc2c hike but managed to get it across the pond. Bought a new one at Ross on Tue senior day (10% off), a grey light weight Samsonite Viewpointe with 10yrs warranty for US$63 S$80 minus 10%. Let’s see how long will this one last! The older hard suitcase, a hard Samsonite is still intact in SIN but too heavy to lug around with these limited baggage weight on the budget travels.

Tue: early morning@MT-wetMarket for fresh YongTauFuS$11.

Follow-up appt@SGH – finally all barricades&constructions done on OutramRd with the new CancerCentre opened. Impressive to see what SGH is now. Caught with this short lovely cool downpour in between bus-stops, but no problems with all these shades walkways and well-designed stops

Heading to PlazaSIN for some errands – amazing that Crocs is doing so well, still have the pair from 2005AT-Thru-Hike, then just a simple light-weight easy to sling on the backpack. #6 now has a pair and picking up some accessories which did not exist then…

Always enjoy Ivy’s individual steamboat/hotpot where you cook exactly how long&what you like in our own pots(here with 7pots!). Tkx for lovely small family get together for dinner&dessert. Will look forward to Sep/Oct when we can catch up again as many will be travelling for this long LabourDay-Weekend ahead.

For overseas family&friends this is Chinese-style-fondue done in broth instead of oil. The best part for me is at the end of the meal to consume my favourite broth.

Wed: constructions with drilling,pounding,etc can be annoying, but can look forward to the completion of MarineTerraceMRT-st/TEL/brown-line which will be just around the corner from my 4-walls with a shaded walkway. Am prepare to clean the layers of dust when I get back. Nice to be able to have a late supper with Gel@MarineCove where there was cool breeze.

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