Folly Beach 2023

24 May 2023 – At FB, But Nothing To Do With FaceBook!

Sun: up early 0700hrs to first drive into town with Linn for her run while I hung around Dunkin’Donuts&EarthFare/DevineSt. Had a donut&coffee where there was a comfortable sofa with WiFi and could not resist this can of soup@EarthFare! hahaha…

Sorry to miss but managed to communicate with family back in SIN during their T-party to welcome baby Ayden from London/UK,

the youngest and probably the last of the PurpleGen on the LAMTinYueBranch. Appreciations&tkx for pix from nieces&nephews.

Then the drive from CAE towards SE to FollyBeach~125m/201k 2+hrs where Linn is working today@Tides, formally HolidayInn and will be also working there over the summer.

FollyBeachPier was reopened after reconstructions last year,

making this 25′ wide,1,049′ long 22′ above sea level the LowCountry icon.

Decided to walk on the beach towards the lighthouse and fortunately high tide will not be until tonight 2100hrs making it possible to walk all the way there. Beach houses as far as the eyes can see from the pier but only a few caught the attention on the walk, was more focus not to be stepping on anything that could hurt or injure my bare feet, including dead jellyfish.

Life on the beach away from the hotel&beachfront properties was peaceful&serene, especially last mile or so before the lighthouse – beautiful with protected sand-dunes&grass. Many Canonball jellyfish (was later informed by #3)brought in by the lowtide but they cannot survive without seawater – one of my favourite savings about jellyfish, lol…

The fact that jellyfish have survived for 650 million years without brains should give hope to some people – Karel Dekyvere

MorrisIslandLighthouse on MorrisIsland located on the S-side of the entrance to CharlestonHarbor, N of the City of FollyBeach. At 161′, it is the tallest lighthouse in SC, and not permitted to swim there from where I can see it, not that I had any intentions of doing that!

Driftwood here is so amazing in my eyes that I could linger on longer here if did not have to walk~4+m/6+k back to the hotel.

Tried to take a different route back via the road.

Now with some the charming LowCountry mash landscape where ever I could peep thru’ some of the houses, but the heat&traffic were just too much – headed back on the beach where there was a comfortable sea-breeze.

Pier101Restaurant&Bar for a cup of SheCrabSoup&Salad (had to doggiebag the salad), Linn was provided with dinner by her work before the 2+hrs drive back. After today’s~10m/16k walk(~5hrs) with the seabreeze, looking much forward to a goodnight sleep after a hot bath&shower.

Had I been in love, I could not have been more wretchedly blind. But vanity, not love, has been my folly― Jane Austen

While we were@FollyBeach the family was at church recognizing the 2023Graduating Seniors. Appreciations to Jeff for the pix.

Appreciations&tkx to Calvin&Staff@Campers’Corner in SIN for their sponsorship for all of the outdoor gears for this trip. The after effects of walking 5+hrs without any pains on the feet but with tell tale lines of Chaco, the only footwear for me to be able to around the world on since 30+yrs ago.

Mon: was not aware about #2 awards, but tkx to Jeff for pix. Would have liked to have attended if I was informed about it, but seemed like she didn’t really want anyone there – so this is just for me to remember!

Irmo High School International School for the Arts is at Irmo High School International School for the Arts

Congratulations to these Irmo High School students who were recognized at the School Board Meeting last night! Top PSAT scorers: David Floyd, Margaret Hamberg, Gaines Roberts, Daniel Wolff

Top SAT scorers: Elisabeth Hall, Siiri Hamberg, Joseph Hodges

Tue: TacoTue with #2-5@YachtCove and the best homemade Guacamole by Linn&#4 – need to learn how to make that. #2 is off for another scholarship interview immediately after dinner.

Wed:   first swim for the year, not warm but nice when you keep swimming, have not swam for a long while and 15mins was all this grandmother could handle! Knowing it is clean just after opening for the summer, so will only be there for a few more mornings to use this pool and bring my lunch there when no one is around – the contrast from the back&front of Linn’s condo. Dinner with my gang who enjoys their WedSushi.

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