17 May 2023

20 May 2023 – #3&5 Boy Scouts

Wed17May2023: gratulerer med dagen og hurra for 17mai to all celebrating&marking the day when the Norwegian Constitution was signed in Eidsvoll/Norway on 17May1814. A noteworthy aspect of the Norwegian National Day is its non-military nature – all over Norway children’s parades with an abundance of flags form the central elements of the celebration(pix from KarlJohanGt,Oslo/Norway downloaded). Favourite 17May 2016pix of #3 raising the flag in their Treehouse@Clearwater.

Did not have any Norwegian flags here, but stickers and with chopsticks+some 4JulBeads! managed to mark the day@YachtCove, so proud that #3 remembered to raise the flag@their Clearwater house today.

#2-5 with their usual SushiWed as starters. Glad that #1+Jack drove from town to join us later for family dinner and the most Norwegian food that was available here were røktlaks/smoked salmon, gravlaks/marinated salmon(a tiny package costing US$20), and reker/prawns from Krogers.

Thu: tkx to #1 for driving to DMV, unable to renew driving license as it has been expired for over 9months. Will make time to redo both written&driving tests next time round when I can rent a car with my InternationalLicense to make it on my own here. For the time being will just use my passport as ID! Banking matters&mailing package to cousin Irene/CA taken care of – being familiar as to which branches of these locations and knowing what days&times are good to avoid lines have and help to get things done efficiently despite of the rains!

Lunch&shopping with #1&2@ChickenSaladChick&pOpshelf – appreciate&tkx to #1 for driving me all over and dropping me off at Walmart@DutchFork. Shopping the whole afternoon there and was tried and hungry after 3hrs! Tried to order a piece of pizza@Dominos but they do not sell by slice. The lady who served me then said that someone had ordered a pizza and did not want it, and offered it to me FOC – such kind SouthHospitality is received with gratefulness. Ate a slice&shared the rest with others.

If you don’t know what to do with the rest of your life, make your bed. If you’re going to be a couch potato, at least fluff the pillows. If you can’t afford pearls, red nail polish is your best accessory. If you don’t have time to do your nails, smile and stand up straight – SouthernLady Code Quote

BoyScouts awards for#3&5,Troop48/Pack48@ShadyGrove UnitedMethodistChurch. Not that I know what is going on, but trying to learn about Cub-Boys-EagleScouts and that you need to be awarded certain amount of badges to become an EagleScout –  cupcakes refreshments with their logo! Do like their Law&Oath about teaching boys to be man.


Fri: TGIF, a good weekend to all on this cool&wet day. Cloud-spotting is fun&relaxing when weather permits –  here sharing a few of my own personal favourtie ones over the years. The one that looked like a dog was the day(12May2015) a dog bit me – for real and the memory is still vivid! Would have stayed indoors if I understood the clouds then, hahaha… The blog posting below A Sign from the Clouds are some amazing shots by different ppl around the world.


Sat: while #3 is hiking ~32k/20m on the 804k/500m PalmettoTrail(ProsperityPassageSection), this grandmother will be following closely along in thoughts on this map – pix downloaded. https://palmettoconservation.org/palmetto-trail/

Tkx to Linn for this new discovery GeorgeRogerWine&Raw – excellent service&shellfish dinner for tonight and even got their last piece of RedVelvetCake!

2018 Damascus,VA/USA, was the last one attended and it was Bear’s final&last TrailDays, may he RIP. Hopefully I will still have more TrailDays ahead despite unable to attend this year but plans to meet with HiHills,Lizard,Pokey,Wiggs@PEI in Aug.

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