Mother’s Day/2023

16 May 2023 – From Track Meet to Senior Prom

Sat: 1.5hrs drive to WilsonHighSchool,Florence,SC and the the only high school in FlorenceCounty that offers the InternationalBaccalaureate diploma. With these new regulations, had to leave backpack in the car and took only what cannot be left in the car, forgot that there is a see-thru’ bag back with my stuff here as it was also needed at the last football game attended in 2019!

But do remember how hot it can be and had both hat&umbrella which were a great help. The team had to ride the bus earlier, #4 left the house@07.00hrs for school to ride with her team and her event was not until 11.00hrs

Always good&refreshing with shaved-ice on such a day and the BBQribs were yummy – Jeff got some and shared a bite.

Sooo impressed with these kids giving their best in these conditions. Another 1.5hrs drive back with enough time to cool down with a cold shower before the next event! All worth the while to see #4 PR with her times.

SeniorPromNight for #2 – such a beautiful fairytale princess outfit to convince me that fairytale can come true! here with her dashing date Tristan,

who remembers me from 4thGrade 2015talk when he was in the same class as #2 – had to search blog posting to figure out if I remember? and was pointed out that he is in the middle with blue-stripe-shirt!

Once upon a time a long time ago there is a moment where your dreams and your memories merge together and form a perfect world. That is heaven. And each heaven is unique – Frozen

Sun: RiverlandHills BaptistChurch is where the family are attending now. Being Mother’s Day, accompanied them but as usual left the hall when the loud music started, not a fan of music with that kind of decibels that could ruin my eardrums!

Got to see where #1 lives in town where she shares with 2 others and drove by the GamecockStadium.

Yummy starters and low-carb burger for me@BackstreetsGrill

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, and finally here with 3generations, my US-flock gathered for lunch today. What a blessing that we are able to be together and enjoy each other.

Appreciations&tkx to my beautiful, caring&compassion family for these lovely handmade greetings,flowers&gifts.

Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken ― Albert Camus

Mon&Tue: cleaning&tidying up the area below the staircase in the basement to store some of my stuff…