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18 Mar 2008 – BKK Airport 

Celebrating Linn’s Birthday with a massage, walking and window shopping to pass 6hrs in BKK airport. This new airport is very spacious with all the designer brand-named shops spread over many wings and concourse. The architecture is ultra modern with the use of partial glass for the roof. It looks good but most impractical in the tropical sun. Had to stand near the air-condition to stay comfortable. Discovered that I could not take any tax-free liquids into NZ. There goes my idea about getting a bottle of anything.

1979 – BKK airport was nothing like what it is today. Linn, May, John (my first husband, the children’s father), and Claire (our baby-sitter then, who is Irish but grew up and lives Norway) were also experiencing a long layover at the old BBK airport. John was attending a Radiology Congress in Singapore and we took the opportunity to visit my family.

On our return trip, one of the engines on the plane caught fire just as we were approaching BKK airport. It was very frightening sitting by the window seeing the fire and quite a miracle that we landed safely. Had to stay put at the airport as it was uncertain as to when another plane would be available. The girls were then, 5 & 1 and they were so good- thanks to John & Claire. When it was finally announced that there will not be any plane until the next day, we got a hotel room after many hours of waiting on the hard benches… not so pleasant then but at least the memory is still in tact!

Living in the past has one thing in its favour, it’s cheaper –
Dramatist’s Guild Bulletin, 1963

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  1. I think layovers in BKK must be quite legendary by now. I only had a stopover in BKK once becos I flew to Europe via Thai Airways. That connecting flight had some technical problem. Like you said, after waiting around for hours, we were herded around the airport and finally ushed to an airport hotel for an overnight stay.

    Thank goodness the kids were not with me because they won’t be as good as your girls!

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