Jan/Jul – traveled to Hong Kong HKG, Macau, China, Hawaii, Thailand, Indonesia, Banda Aceh, Siem Reap, Malaysia and a whole month driving around Australia. A month is not enough to see such a vast country/continent –  good excuse to return for another trip someday. My favourite part was to catch up with families and friends.

To everyone’s relief, Linn & family returned safely to the USA in July after the completion of the medical clinic in Banda Aceh. It was alot of fun and full of life in my studio apartment for a couple of days while they were on transit. Linn reminded me of her high school days in Florida where we used to have her gang slumbering all over the condo floor after every Prom & Homecoming! So much good memories with all kinds of emotions.

May traveled to Florida for her 10th High School Reunion. 2007 was the only year that I did not get to see her since she was born. It is very difficult to go a whole year without meeting up with my children but thank goodness for internet as written words and the voice contact is better than no contact.

Jul/Dec – was asked again to share my AT experience. Was I just not ready or was it because I did not know how to face yet another challenge? Decided to stay put in Singapore the second half of the year to get my act together. Bought a laptop; struggled days & nights with the words, design & layout and finally managed to get a budget book printed in time for the Christmas holiday, what an ideal present in the presence of a friend’s visit.

A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one – Heraclitus