SICEX 2008


The incorrect use of the English language with acronyms can be rather disagreeable to the ears if one is not accustomed to the lingo. When I returned to SIN in 1999, my first attempt to drive with these directions- take the ECP into the CBD, pass ERP and meet me at the MRT were not as easy as ABC! At a hawker’s centre I overheard an adult telling a child… ‘you eat yourself,  I eat myself’. Even after 8 years, it is still necessary for my full attention to understand what is said but when Singlish is spoken, I am lost in translation.

For the consideration to my overseas’ families and friends, ECP=East Coast Highway, CBD=Central Business District, ERP=Electronic Road Pricing, MRT=Mass Rapid Transport/subway. As for eating, how would you phrase that? Singlish is a mish-mash of English, often mispronounced & grammatically incorrect, with the use of Malay, Chinese dialects and ‘lah & hor’ added randomly.

13 Jan – Silver Industry Convention & Exhibition SICEX

Singapore Sports Council, SSC invited me to share the AT hike at the exhibition to SIN’s first SICEX- befitting for my book title, First SIN AT Thru-Hiker! How was I going to project this experience with a constructive message across? Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said it all in one line during his dialogue at the convention – ‘Stay interested in the world, take on a challenge’. And so the journey continues onto more challenges with the first round of talks in SIN- my birth place is an appropriate start to the silver cycle. Thank you to April, BeeKoon & Sani for inviting me.

The family tree research was the main reason for my return to SIN but the diversions on the way have been delightfully interesting and enjoyable! To be able to combine my travels visiting family & friends and at the same time sharing experience through the talks will be the way to continue. The Presentations page in this blog allows readers to know my whereabouts for the talks and media featured for both completed and to be presented.

Knowledge of the world is only acquired in the world, not in a closet –
Lord Chesterfield