Santubong Jungle, Sarawak


9 Mar 2008 – Kuching

45mins drive from Kuching city is the Permai Rainforest’s Resort. Santubong jungle lies behind the resort. We started the Sunday morning hike from the info counter following the blue/red track to the first waterfall and then the blue track to a second waterfall. Our local guide, John led the hike and gave useful info & tips. It seemed like another lifetime ago since my last walk in a tropical forest. After about 4km/2.5mi & 4hrs of walk and sweat, to sit in the Rainforest’s Cafe by the sea for a bite & drink was inviting.  

Appreciation to Susan (MNS) for arranging the talk and for including me in the group hike. Thank you to Rose, Radio Television Malaysia for the ice cream and taking time to chat after the interview. The hospitality of the Kuching people will not be forgotten.

Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal – Edward Wilson