Kahalu’u, Hawaii


26 Mar 2008 – Kahalu’u

Kahalu’u in Hawaiian means diving place and is windward side of the island of O’ahu, about 30mins drive from HNL (in clear traffic) to get there.

Such fun time with cousin Wilki & family. We were childhood playmates in the 1950s; roamed Temenggong Rd & the hills of Mt Faber which were highly-spirited areas according to rumours but even the spirits feared us according to our grandmother! His home now is in Kaneohe, the beautiful Kahalu’u surroundings where Jurassic Park was filmed. There was much to reminisce with the lush greenery, flowers (the varieties of manificant Heliconias arrangement is home-grown) and fruit plants in his property. The only dinosaurs sighting were us!

Oysters & champagne, steak & red wine in the company of family (David, Patty & Wilki with their son Daniel) and friends (Shelly, Huang, Katrina, Lisa & Adrian) was the perfect ending for the day.

In order to get the fruit of the tree, you have to be willing to go out on a limb – unknown