25 Jan 2008 – Nature Society Singapore/www.nss.org.sg

The Sunflower is a building on 510 Geylang Rd/Lorong 28 in proximity to the red light district, not familiar and no memories of this area. There is a karaoke bar with full size mural nature scenes, waterfalls & hills painting on the exterior wall on the ground floor – any association with NSS or just a way to black-out the outside world from the bar inside? At first glance, I thought that I had lost my way. The address was correct and the NSS office is located upstairs.

Was informed that the noise from downstairs can be disturbing; fortunately the weekday talk started before the karaoking! It was a decent turn-out with members and guests showing their attentivenesswith their questions. Pui Ah REYNODS, a friend from childhood days who now lives in Vancouver, Canada was visiting. Her presence was appreciated. Thank you to Si Guim who invited me to give my talk.

Joe’s recommendation for the Hokkien Mee (noodles fried with spices, vegetables, pork, fish, prawns and squids) across the road was scrumptious and the price was affordable. In the pleasant company of Pui Ah, Ann & Quek, the evening passed by quickly. Grateful to Quek who offered me a lift home.

Nature tells every secret once – Ralph Waldo Emerson