1 Feb 2008 – Blazing Outdoor Adventures & Co

Leonard, a young gentleman friend accompanied me to the first BOAC talk which was located at their former premises at South Bridge Rd. Without Leonard I would have been in the dark about the high tech world. He helped to choose my laptop, down loaded programs etc for me. Thank you for leading me to the software path – must have been frustrating trying to teach an old dog new tricks!

The talk was at South Bridge Rd directly across from my family’s bank ie when the family still had Kwong Lee Bank, 72 South Bridge Rd then. Could probably find my way between this road and Temenggong Rd (where I was born and lived until I left Singapore in 1965), even with my eyes closed! The amazing surprise is that I could still recognise the buildings from just after the Singapore River to North Canal Rd on both sides of the road! Fook Onn was the only store which sold winter clothes in those days, is still standing on the corner by the traffic lights!

BOAC is quite unique in that it organises hiking and adventure trips as well as the sales of clothing, hiking & camping gears. Eng Ting Ting, a charming person showed much enthusiasm to the talk and the book. We met up subsequently and are now blogging! together. Some members could not turn up being too near to the Chinese New Year. A second talk to be scheduled in their new location somewhere in Eunos sometime just before globe-trotting.

The person who is too old to learn was probably always too old to learn – Caryl Haskins

Edited 25Jun 2017: just remember what BOAC was in my youth – British Overseas Airways Corporation was the British state-owned airline created in 1940. In 1974 it merged with British European Airways to form British Airways. We used to nicknamed it Better On A Camel 🙂