St Patrick’s Day


17 Mar 2008 – Singapore

In company of friends at home for Fri & Sat. Did not want to be out amidst the weekend crowd & noise, with the school holidays added. There is also an outbreak of the flu virus in Hong Kong and hopefully it will not spread. Staying home is the wiser choice. Made Linn & May’s favourite Italian pick-me-up, Tiramisu. Not quite the Patrick’s Day menu but it was a request. There is no way I can do a bread pudding like the Grand Hyatt’s Irish chef. The secret is in the sauce but the Leprechauns did not share the secret!

St Patrick cleared a tropical down-pour in time for the parade by the Singapore River yesterday afternoon. It was not quite the same as a parade by the River Liffey in Dublin but what an excellent way for the Irish community to get together making this a special day with fond memories of Ireland, where Linn was born.

17 Mar 1974 – Dublin, was in labour for my firstborn. Is there any word which can truly describe the discomfort of childbirth? Anyone who says that it is not painful has not gone thru’ natural childbirth! Fortunately the parade was over on O’Connell St when I arrived at the Rotunda Hospital (behind O’Connell St) in the late afternoon. My bundle of joy with platinum blond hair & blue eyes came into this world 0400hrs 18 Mar. The change of staff  thought I was given the wrong baby! Was quite amazed to see a bottle of Guinness on my bed side-table and was pleasantly surprised to be informed that it was complimentary after childbirth… should have been given before!

What is in that stout which was promoted even by the hospital? Was it a reward for giving life? Looked and tasted a little like the bitter Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM. Whatever is in the Guinness, it is my tradition to have one on St Patrick’s Day to give thanks for all my blessings. Tomorrow I take leave from my fellow country mates to visit with the Kiwis.

Your feet will bring you to where your heart is – Irish Proverb

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  1. Happy St Patrick’s Day and happy birthday to your daughter Linn!

    My son was at the parade too, selling plastic turtles to raise funds for their school. I should have gone down to join in the celebrations!

    You should be starting your travel. Have a nice and safe journey.

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