After returning to SIN, I was asked if I was open to give talks about the hike. For me, a talk would have defeated the purpose without any kind of printed material to share. Started to compile the data with the pictures and keywords scribbled daily during the hike for a journal.

Personal agenda, traveling, projects with setting up and orgnising of events & shows took much energy and time. The AT documentation’s was in the background and I did not think anyone would be interested to hear about it. Responsibilities, commitments and changes were pulling in all directions.

Spring – May moved back to Norway after working for some years in New York City. She wanted to return to her roots to be nearer her ageing grandparents and she also decided to do her Masters at the University of Oslo.

Summer/Autumn – Linn and her husband Jeff, and their 2 children Katy (4) & Ellie (2) moved from South Caroline, USA to Banda Aceh. Jeff, my son-in-law was there to start a medical clinic after the tsunami. Linn was then pregnant and to my relief, she agreed to travel to SIN for the birth of their third child. The family had to be in SIN at least a month before term and another month after birth.

My 60sqm 1 room studio apartment, renovated by knocking down most of the walls from a 3 room Housing Development Board/HDB, SIN’s public housing where app 80% of the population lives) was not the ideal living space for so many people. Thanks to Peggy TAN, a friend and former class-mate who kindly opened her house to us.

Winter – John Whitham HALL, my first grandson was born 29 Nov. May flew from Oslo to help and to attend niece, PatLynne LEUNG & David YEOH, her cousin’s wedding. Dec 2006 was the most wonderful December so far, together with my entire immediate family and friend by my side.

Words and pictures can work together to communicate more powerfully than either alone – William Albert Allard

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  2. Hi Amy, it’s nice to read about life after the hike. Yes, it was a wise thing to do – to keep daily notes of the hike, which led to the birth of your book and the talks…

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