Maine – Post-Hike


4 Sep 2005 / Day 128

Big Moose Inn – Millinocket Lake
In a total state of joy, exhaustion and apprehension but what a wonderful way to celebrate May HALD, my second daughter’s birthday. That similar kind of feelings after labour and childbirth! Time is necessary to  reveal a clearer picture for this challenge. It was miraculous that I have managed to complete a 2,175mi/3,400km thru-hike. 127 days were never taken for granted as accidents, treacherous weather conditions, injuries, illness etc could have terminated the hike.

Thanks be to the Heaven above and to all the surrounding Guardian Angels.

Sincere appreciations to Warren & Terry DOYLE, Mary COOPER, Karen SCALF-BENHAM, John BREDENKAMP, Mike SHEPHARD and everyone, either in person or spirit who has crossed this path with me.

Quotes and proverbs are short sentences based on long experience –
Thomas Carlyle

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