Gardens By The Bay 2021

12 May 2021 – Dale Chihuly’s Glass In Bloom

Sun: Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. In loving memory of my mother TSANG MayLan (1911-1965) who also was my 1st piano teacher and up to today, the piano is still the instrument I play to console&control my moods.

Gratitude to my 2beautiful daughters Linn&May who have made me a proud mother&grandmother and who are also wonderful mothers to my 6grandchildren. This mug is a gift from them sometime during our stay in the USAdays. Sweet memories from when they used to ask me what I wanted for Bdays&Christmas. And to their frustrations, my answer would always be good children! Still they managed to get this precious gift that has been with me since their school days!! The only time&pix of them paying respects to their grandparents in MandaiColumbarium/SIN1999.

Mon: a very efficient&productive day, in&out of SGH within less than an hour, new bus/shuttle stop is taking shape there. New battery@Bugis for my SwatchWatch – has been dead of a couple of days, but had to return to Swatch for free battery as long as the watch is capable to receive it! @MPCC for a new TraceTogetherToken/TTT, again, battery dead, but instead to changing the battery, was given a new one, but had to return the old one.

Mon&Tue: good one from DrPP for the MondayBlues, and a downloaded one for the present hot&humid weathers outside! Am impressed&pleased with Nana (one of the staffs@The Gardens) who returned my call and kept me updated as to how crowded The Gardens will be for my visit tomorrow.

Wed: headed early into town, started walking from CustomHouse along The Promontory@MarinaBay to capture different angles of MBS.

Continuing on MarinaBlvd crossing Bayfront&ShearesAve

Turning into the Gardens to discover that these outdoor displays at The Meadows&SereneGarden are behind fences and was too early to get near them. Had to be content with zooming in between the fences.

EtherealWhitePersians, RedBamboosReeds, PalazzoDucaleTower.

1st person I met today with a camera as I headed closer to DragonFlyBridge – like you can get lost when MBS is visible in nearly every direction you look!!

FloatBoat&Floats – do remember these from one of my visits back to FL/USA after returning to SIN to live&work in 1999.

Crossing the bridge, amazed with these palm-trees with such colourful nuts, beautiful delicate pink blooms with The SIN-Flyer in the background.

Looking back, with good memories of our staycation there 1+yr ago when the family was visiting.

Inside the FlowerDome, Chihuly was the main reason for this visit, but since there might as well take a stroll to enjoy this revisit – random pix of some of these permanent fixtures!

What day is it? asked Pooh. It’s today, squeaked Piglet. My favorite day, said Pooh.

The Japanese do like polka-dots! TalkToMyHand is my name for this cactus!! 1st time taking the elevator down, took the stairs on previous visits!

ElectricYellow&DeepCoralTower, WhiteTower,

ErbiumReeds&TrumpetFlowers, NeodymiumReeds.

Do wonder the cost of renting this venue? So long for now until the next visit, appreciations to all who are working relentlessly to keep this place in immaculate top conditions.

Inside the CloudForest – random pix from CloudWalk.


CloudForestPersians, RubyRedChandelier, UraniumGreenChandelier

LostWorld – FioriVerde. What a wonderful morning, such an enjoyable visit to these 2 enclosed areas with only a handful of ppl, thus managed to shoot these pix without anyone in the way, a walk from 0700-1200hrs. Appreciations to the blog below covering the whole exhibition+night scenes with amazing pix.

Continued walking along the river to get to a bus-stop – after HelixBridge to catch a bus to do some grocery. Glad this was a short walk as the sun was scorching by now.

Had fun testing out all these percussion instruments@ActiveGarden. The grandkids would have enjoyed this garden.

Edited 30May2021: 7pix credits to DennisQuek – seen from different angles with different eyes. These are pieces of arts and so is his photography.

Appreciations for his permission to include them here.

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