23 May 2021: More Health Issues

Fri: not sure if I should be saying TGIF, but would still like to wish everyone a good weekend. With these recent numbers of COVID-19cases+a Dengue case reported in my block and as I am writing this, I am also hearing a funeral service downstairs in the common area! Plx take care&be vigilant, ie stay home!!

Have not been out of my 4-walls since Mon, but had to be out today to collect my meds@FarrerPk&app@SGH, very efficient in&out in less than an hour@SGH. More apps ahead for next month – the domino effects of age&health-issues, c’est la vie! Buses48&196&MRTFarrer-OutramPk were practically empty. Was rather pleasantly surprised to hear that the shuttle-bus-driver to SGH had Symphony92.4FM on, the station I am usually tuned to.

Because of my skin-type, scars have always keloid for me. Dermatix usual price in the stores S$80+ but bc I got it at SGH, S$70.10 and CICA-Care usual price S$70+, with my MedekaCard S$60.25. These over-the-counter products are not consider necessary, thus not government subsidized, quite rightly so. 1st time trying them, so will see if they work – the scar today, will compare it after using these products a month from now!

Since I was out, dropped by at the outdoor market to pick up a fresh ginger drink. Feel so sorry for all our stalls and ppl trying to make a living – tough times ahead. Had no intentions of getting any take-aways as I do have food, but wanted to help – the usual rice with 2veggie+1meat used to cost S$2.90 when I moved here, it is now S$3.50, not complaining, paying willingly.

Sat: appreciations to niece&nephew for their co+yummy dinner delivered from IndoChili.

Found Kedondong (Spondias dulcis/ambarella)@the local fruit stall across the road and made juice for the weekend. In the midst of our daily lives, we must find the juice to nourish our creative souls – Sark 

Sun: thank you to Adeline&Isabella for visit with lunch&cake to celebrate Yasmine’s Bday who is in our thoughts today even though she is thousands of miles away. Happy Bday Yasmine, be safe in London.

From Garry22May: Trip around the block #13. Off to Kakadu. Jackson arrived for 6 days r&r. His keeness to see/do as much as possible prompted an increased level of activity on my part but did leave me a little bit stuffed! Great fun.

Well, there is no escaping the prevalence of the apex predator in this part of the world. – saltwater rather than freshwater crocodiles. They jump! East Adelaide River
Flight over Kakadu was superb. The variety and scale of the place! Jim Jim Falls. Closed atm as they have not cleared the crocs
After a big stuffup last year by National Parks, mosaic burning is underwater across the park. Called light burn as it burns the grasses and low stuff but does not (theory) burn and harm the canopy. Bush walking yields some great spots
Sunsets are something else, especially the changing rock colours. Many beautiful Aboriginal rock art paintings.
On to the wetlands at Yellow Waters.